May 19 is BC Family Doctor Day

BC Family Doctor Day is as an opportunity to recognize the work of family physicians and their value within our province's health care system.

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The BCCFP is the professional home of family medicine

We provide leadership, support, advocacy and continuing professional development (CPD) for more than 5,700 members across the province.

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This morning, while rounding at a hospital supported by @SurreyHospFdn, a patient who’s struggling with multiple chronic medical conditions handed me this clipping from @TheVancouverSun and said “have this, I think it will help you continue to do good work”. They are right. #fts

Happy Victoria Day long weekend everyone! (And if you are working thanks for keeping our hospitals, ambulances, IT services and everything else running!)

It's #FamilyDoctorDay; thank you for seeing beyond the physical etiologies - for taking the important step of exploring and understanding the emotional, the social and spiritual aspects of illness and wellness. @bccfp, @FamPhysCan, #justagp, #FamilyDocsRock