Who's Who in the Professional Lives of Family Doctors

This resources highlights the unique role of the BCCFP in relation to other organizations that impact BC’s family physicians.

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The BCCFP is the professional home of family medicine

We provide leadership, support, advocacy and continuing professional development (CPD) for more than 5,700 members across the province.

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@_SaraMarkovic @Mummydoc1 Just a layman, but I've got unlimited respect for my GP (dwindling profession where I live). She has to be on the ball about Everything, and is. My wife has bigtime psychiatric problems & our GP's antenna has proved its worth time & again.
Where would we be without her?

I am AMAZED by family medicine. The BREADTH of knowledge these docs have. The expertise in knowing when to refer. The relationships with ENTIRE FAMILIES!!!! OVER GENERATIONS!! the PaTiEnCe!!!! MY GOD!!! 🗣🗣🗣🗣family physicians are the backbone of our healthcare system🗣🗣🗣🗣

#didyouknow that we have lots of great links to #Patientmedicalhome resources that can help you in your practice?