My Family Doctor Cares

Almost one million British Columbians don't have, and can't get, a family doctor. Join us in sharing your voice to let government know you care about having a family doctor.

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Cultural Safety and Humility Grants

BCCFP Members can apply by April 15, 2022 for funding to support the development of initiatives that enhance cultural safety and humility among family physicians.

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Family physicians play a unique role in BC's health care system.

View our short videos featuring BC family physicians talking about their work in caring and advocating for patients.

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@snowyday15 @BCFamilyDoctors Survey data from @BCCFP recently showed that up to 40% of patients who have family physicians are worried they will leave, so you are not alone @snowyday15. Political pressure. Municipally, provincially and federally. They’re all trying to pass the buck to each other.

Joined a call about the #familydoctor crisis in BC. Learned several things about their challenges. I hope the public, specialists & politicians get behind this, the backbone of 🇨🇦 healthcare. They are struggling & need our support.