Thank you to everyone who submitted a proposal for one of our social determinants of health (SDH) grants, a unique funding opportunity to enable BCCFP members to create or modify tools/resources that will help BC family physicians to address the SDH.

The 30 grant submissions shared several commonalities, and we are exploring opportunities to build on this important work outside of a formal grants program. We will keep you apprised of our work in this area and future engagement opportunities.

Congratulations to the members who were selected to receive funding.  Each project will receive a grant of $5,000 from the BCCFP.

The eight recipients/teams are:

  • Drs. Dean Brown/Vanessa Brcic: Assessment Tool for Use in Primary Care and Patient Medical Home
  • Dr. Ilona Hale: Promotion of Food Recovery Depot
  • Dr. Jiwei Li: Managing SDH Patients on Opioid Replacement Therapy
  • Dr. Janet McKeown: Refining Mobile Care Unit SDH Resource Tool
  • Drs. Justin Neves/Vanessa Brcic: Understanding Barriers to the Integration of SDH Intervention in the PMH
  • Dr. Tracey Thorne: Counselling and Support to Parents of Young Children
  • Dr. Christine Singh: Workshops on Food Security and Nutrition for Indigenous Population
  • Dr. Michael Stuckey: Improving Physician Understanding of SDH and Impact on Their Patients