The BCCFP is excited that our province has embraced the CFPC’s vision of the Patient’s Medical Home (PMH) model for family practice. This model focuses on team-based, patient-centred, continuous, comprehensive, and accessible primary care.

The General Practice Services Committee (GPSC) is leading the gradual implementation of the PMH in individual practices, as well as the formation of new primary care networks (PCNs) that serve geographical areas.

The CFPC provides practical resources to help family physicians create a PMH in their own practices (below).

Confused about the difference between a PMH and a PCN? You can learn more and download information sheets on the GPSC website.


CFPC resources

PMH Implementation Toolkit

The British Columbia PMH Implementation Toolkit is designed to describe specific actionable steps physicians and their teams can take to align their practices with the PMH principles.

Practice Readiness Self-assessment Tool

The CFPC Self-Assessment Tool helps you to analyze how closely your practice aligns with the principles of the Patient’s Medical Home (PMH). It also offers actionable advice and links to resources that can help you better align your practice with these principles.

(April 2019) The Integration of Pharmacists into Interprofessional Teams 

The Integration of Pharmacists Into Interprofessional Teams is an issue in the CFPC’s  Innovation in Primary Care series. Produced in partnership with the Canadian Pharmacists Association, it highlights how  family physicians and pharmacists can work together and share resources to address challenges.

(March 2019) A New Vision for Canada: Family Practice – The Patient’s Medical Home 

Since 2011 many principles of the CFPC’s PMH vision have been embraced in primary care reforms, and new models have been introduced across Canada. A New Vision for Canada: Family Practice – The Patient’s Medical Home was developed to better reflect current realities, meet the evolving needs of family physicians and their teams, and support continued implementation of the PMH.

CFPC Patient’s Medical Home Provincial Report Card

The Patient’s Medical Home Provincial Report Card looks at the performance of each province based on past, current and future initiatives related to the CFPC’s PMH model of care.

Virtual Care in the Patient’s Medical Home

This supplement spells out the role of virtual care as a pathway for patients to access comprehensive and continuous care through family practices that complements rather than replaces the in-person delivery of health care services.

Best advice guides

The CFPC Best Advice Guides offer information directly related to addressing patient care and administrative needs in a PMH practice. The guides cover a range of topics, including mental health and addiction care; caring for military families; meaningful use of EMRs; and more.