January 29 to February 2, 2024 has been named as Red Tape Awareness Week by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) who have been spotlighting the bureaucratic obstacles that exist across Canada for the last 15 years.

This year, CFIB are amplifying the calls to reduce unnecessary paperwork for physicians in their Patients Before Paperwork report. We support CFIB’s calls to cut the red tape and free up family physicians’ time to provide comprehensive patient care.

“Put simply, red tape makes it harder for doctors to do what they do best: care for their patients…While by no means a panacea for the myriad challenges facing Canada’s health care system, reducing physician red tape is a measurable, concrete action that governments can take. CFIB recommends that other provincial and territorial governments work with their respective medical associations to estimate the administrative burden and its impact in their jurisdictions, identify key red tape irritants to resolve, and set measurable targets to reduce physician red tape.” 

Read the full Patients Before Paperwork report here.

If you would like to take action by sharing your red tape concerns with the BC government, visit the CFIB website where you will find details on how to do so.

Additional resources

We teamed up with BC Family Doctors to produce an updated sick note template for employers. Download here.

There are a number of organizations across Canada and BC who are doing important work in this area. Below are a number of valuable resources to read and share.

  1. Canadian Medical Association – Administrative burden
  2. College of Family Physicians of Canada – CFPC Federal Forms Survey: Results
  3. Doctors of BC – How Doctors of BC is reducing administrative burdens – WorkSafeBC and ICBC

To suggest relevant resources to include above, please reach out to erin.murtagh@bccfp.bc.ca before February 2 – thank you!