Transitioning into Practice

Transitioning from being a resident to an independent clinician is an exciting time; but, like any life change, it can be stressful. This UBC FoM Transition into Practice Resources site serves as a resource that you can access at any time during your residency training.

Managing Your Practice

Canadian Medical Association (CMA): Resources to help you understand what’s involved in entering, setting up and managing your own solo practice (CMA login required).

General Practice Service Committee’s Practice Support Program: Group-based learning through learning modules, practice coaching and local events to help kick-start your practice.

Family Practice Management Toolbox: A quick and comprehensive guide to everything you could need while running your practice, including clinical decision tools, disease preparedness and work-life balance resources.

Work-Life Balance

As a physician, it can be difficult to manage a family, career and personal stresses. Fortunately, there are resources to help you find your balance. Through the American Association of Family Physicians and Medline, you can access articles and resources to help you achieve a more well-rounded lifestyle.


Whether you are leading your own practice, a team of physicians, patient interactions, or part of an executive committee, physicians require leadership skills on a daily basis.

Through the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) Physician Leadership Institute, you have access to courses, modules, conferences, podcasts and more — designed to meet your leadership needs throughout your career.