The April 2019 Family Medicine Conference – Family Doctors: Standing Up and Standing Out – received positive reviews from attendees.

The BCCFP partnered with the BC Society of General Practitioners (SGP) to provide a program that focused on the many roles of today’s family physician. The responses to the post-conference evaluations indicated that:

  • All respondents believed that the program enhanced their knowledge and the presenters were knowledgeable and engaging
  • 93 per cent saw it as a valuable opportunity to share information and network
  • 92 per cent agreed or strongly agreed that the content was appropriate and informative
  • Respondents were able to identify changes in clinical practice or practice management (including billing) that they were likely to implement as a result of their new knowledge
  • 89 per cent would recommend this conference to others

Upcoming Conferences in BC 

Our fall Family Medicine Conference is pre-empted this year as the CFPC Family Medicine Forum will take place in Vancouver from October 30 to November 2.

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