As patients turn to the Internet more frequently to help manage their own health, you can help ensure that the information they access is reliable. Share these videos and online tools with your patients to help them achieve their health goals. Resources include descriptive videos about alcohol misuse, patient networking websites, specific health agency sites for patients struggling with disease, and many others.

Quality Book of Tools

The Quality Book of Tools is a resource to help you hone and test your skills as a family doctor. You can assess your professionalism and helpfulness through an evaluation system made up of eight categories: patient-centeredness, equity, timeliness and accessibility, safety, effectiveness of clinical practice, efficiency, integration and continuity, and appropriate practice resources.

Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA)

Should you encounter medico-legal issues at any point in your practice, the CMPA is ready to provide advice and assistance in managing your case. Through the CMPA, you can also access resources for managing risk and practicing safer medical care.


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