Through the BCCFP, there are many ways for you to help teach and guide the next generation of family physicians.

Fundamental Teaching Activities (FTA) in Family Medicine

This guide was created to help family medicine teachers provide quality medical education to their students in Canada. The comprehensive framework describes the purpose of what you do as a teacher and helps inspire more practical and enhanced teaching activities.

The FTA Framework:

  • Clearly outlines essential tasks for teachers in family medicine
  • Provides a road map to guide self-reflection and continuing professional development
  • Assists programs, departments and faculty members in developing strategies for faculty development
  • Serves as an organizational framework for family medicine faculty development materials, tools and strategies, both locally and nationally
  • Contributes to the field of faculty development in medical education

Resources for Fundamental Teaching Activities

The CFPC Working Group on Faculty Development has compiled specific resources to help enhance your teaching. For a list of recommended courses, articles and books that will help you provide the best learning experience possible, please select the type of teaching you do:

  • Clinical Preceptor: The teacher working with learners in the clinical setting, when patient care is being provided
  • Educational Leader: The teacher functioning as an educational program/curriculum planner or administrator, for teachers, faculty and educational programs
  • Teacher Outside the Clinical Setting: The teacher providing small- or large-group teaching sessions such as tutorials, seminars, lectures, rounds, online teaching, simulations or other teaching outside the direct delivery of patient care