If you are unsure about navigating the Mainpro+ system, check out our top five tips. We will also have a one-on-one help centre available on site at our June Family Medicine Conference.

  1. The cycle end date is now June 30, and the annual cycle requirement is 25 credits (certified or non-certified). The five-year cycle requirement is 250 credits (at least 125 certified).
  1. If you’re not sure where a CPD activity fits into the Mainpro+ categories, check out this useful one page summary.
  1. When inputing Mainpro+ credits on the “Enter a CPD Activity” page, if your activity does not appear in the “Activity Type” dropdown list when searching for a CFPC-certified group learning activity, then select “Other Certified Group Learning Activities.”
  1. Industry-sponsored events that bear the CFPC certification statement are eligible for certified credits.  Any industry-sponsored promotional events or meetings that do not bear the CFPC certification statement are not eligible for certified or non-certified credits in Mainpro+.
  1. Certified CPD activities are certified for one, two or three credits per hour.  Non-certified activities may be claimed on a one credit per hour basis.

If you are planning to attend our June Family Medicine Conference, there will be onsite staff to provide one-on-one demonstrations on entering your Mainpro+ credits in the new system. If you have questions about Mainpro+ at any time, email mainprocredits@cfpc.ca or call 1-800-387-6197 ext. 560. There is also a useful video.

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