• My Family Doctor Nomination

    The “My Family Doctor” award honours and celebrates the doctor-patient relationship, which is central to good health care and known to help improve patient satisfaction and health outcomes.

    If you value your relationship with your family doctor and want to recognize them for the impact they’ve made in your life or that of a family member, the BCCFP wants to hear your story. Nominations are being accepted until March 31, 2018.

    We will be providing five awards this year, honouring a family doctor from each regional health authority across the province.

    My Family Doctor Nominations Form

    Please share your story in 500 words or less.

  • BC Family Physician of the Year

  • First Five Years of Practice Award

  • Small Changes, Big Difference Award

  • Resident Nomination

  • Medical Student Nomination

  • Medical Student Nomination

    Criteria for Award

    • A Nominator is required for each award and may be a family physician, fellow student or
    • Each nomination must be accompanied by a cover letter from the Nominator addressing the
      specific reasons why the Nominee warrants the proposed recognition
    • In the submission, the Nominator will ensure and confirm that the Nominee meets the required criteria for the award below:
      • $1,000 BCCFP 4th Year Medical Student Scholarship will be presented to two 4th year medical students entering the UBC Family Medicine postgraduate program.

    For further information, please contact the BCCFP Office at:

    Phone: 604-736-1877 or 1-888-736-1877
    Email: [email protected]