The British Columbia College of Family Physicians (BCCFP) released the report card, The Role of the British Columbia Government in Health Care on May 2, 2017. As British Columbians prepare to head to the polls, the BCCFP’s new publication offers a family medicine perspective on health issues that matter the most. Read the  BCCFP Provincial Report Card News Release here.

The report card evaluates the current provincial government’s performance in terms of its health care policies, and also grades platforms of the larger parties on five indicators of importance to family medicine.

The five principal areas of health care that are assessed in the report card are:

  • A family doctor for every British Columbian
  • Mental health and addiction
  • Indigenous health
  • Rural and remote care
  • Support for the Patient’s Medical Home (PMH)

The The Role of the British Columbia Government in Health Care report card uses a colour-coding system to grade the parties’ actions and positions related to each of the five indicators.