BC Family Doctor Day is our annual opportunity to recognize the work of more than 6,000 family doctors who practise in communities across our province. 

Held on May 19 each year, this day of recognition is celebrated across Canada and coincides with World Family Doctor Day.

On May 19 we’re meeting with government in Victoria to find solutions for the crisis impacting our profession, our patients, and the 1-in-5 British Columbians who don’t have, and can’t get, a family doctor.

These meetings are the culmination of our My Family Doctor Cares advocacy campaign, which has been sounding the alarm on the family doctor crisis across BC. 

Ahead of BC Family Doctor Day we’ll also be announcing the recipients of the 2022 BCCFP Awards, highlighting exceptional care across the province (link coming May 18). 

Join us as we celebrate the family doctors who care for us throughout all stages of our lives.

Family doctors are good for your health

BC Family Doctor Day focuses on the value of relationship-based, comprehensive, longitudinal care provided by family physicians. Evidence shows that having a family doctor who knows you and cares for you overtime leads to better health outcomes.

Why are family doctors important?

We are the first point of contact for patients when they have health concerns, and we act as the central “hub” for managing the health of our patients and their families over time.

By proactively managing the health of our patients and providing prompt treatment when they are unwell, we can minimize the need for more expensive, hospital-based care later on.

We are highly skilled generalists, with the expertise to assess patients early in their illness, developing a patient centred diagnosis and treatment plan.

We get to know our patients and we serve as a trusted health advocate, tailoring the care and advice that we provide to meet each patient’s changing needs and stage of life.

Collectively, we work with our local and provincial partners to deliver accessible, comprehensive, continuity-based, patient-centred care.

We provide health care services to the broader community: family physicians care for patients in the office, the hospital, other health care facilities, or the home.

In a hospital setting, the role of a family physician may include: working in emergency departments; delivering in-hospital care; administering anesthesia in the operating room; or providing obstetrical care.

We support the Patient’s Medical Home and the primary care network vision for family medicine, where family physicians work within health care teams to offer comprehensive, coordinated care for our patients.