Acknowledgement of BCCFP in project materials 

The BC College of Family Physicians (BCCFP) should be acknowledged in all project communications, presentations and publications supported by the  grant, either by featuring our logo* and/or a funding statement as space allows.

For example (together with the BCCFP logo):

Supported by funding from the BC College of Family Physicians Cultural Safety & Humility grants program. The views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of the BCCFP. 


The BCCFP logo and name cannot otherwise be used to promote other studies or projects without official approval or endorsement by the BCCFP.

Download BCCFP CSH logo here.

Public events

If public events are being held as part of the grant-funded project (e.g. an unveiling ceremony for an artwork or a public presentation), we ask that an invitation be sent to the Executive Director of the BCCFP as soon as a date is known (via

We may wish to send a representative or Board member to attend the event on behalf of the organization.

Media Consent for use of photos or other media

The media release form below requests permission, where appropriate, to include photos or videos of your project participants in your final project report to us.

This consent will also allow the BCCFP to use your content when promoting the CS&H grants program (e.g. on our website, on social media and in other member communications).

We are grateful for photo or video documentation of project activities, to help promote the CS&H grants program in the future. 

Download media consent form here.

Indigenous compensation guidelines

The BCCFP recommends referencing Appendices B and C of the UBC Indigenous Finance Guidelines as a preferred example of appropriate compensation for Elders and Indigenous participants in your project.

Reporting templates

Midpoint report

A midpoint report is required in order to receive the second instalment of your grant funding. The Project Coordinator will reach out to you with a reminder prior to your midpoint date.

The midpoint report can simply be an e-mail to the Project Coordinator that contains a general update on:

  • your progress to date
  • any challenges you’re facing
  • mitigation strategies to address challenges

Final report

A final report of your project is due one month from the end date of your project and the Project Coordinator will send you a reminder.

Download final report template here (word doc).