Mainpro+® (Maintenance of Proficiency) is the CFPC’s program designed to support and promote family physicians’ continuing professional development (CPD).

Mainpro+ serves three key functions:

  • To provide CPD participation guidelines and standards for Canadian family physicians
  • To enable family physicians to conveniently track and monitor their CPD participation
  • To ensure high-quality, ethical CPD programming through a rigorous peer-review certification process

The three Mainpro+ CPD certification categories are: assessment, self-learning and group learning. For more information about certified activities and cycle requirements, review the CFPC’s two-page guide.

If you are looking for more tips on using Mainpro+, check out the CFPC’s Mainpro+ Manual. This concise resource will guide you through everything you need to know about earning and reporting credits in Mainpro+.

Developed based on feedback from Mainpro+ users, the manual includes a frequently asked questions section, helpful screenshots to guide you through credit reporting, and links to informative videos.

For more information on Mainpro+, visit the CFPC website.