We know the coming months of the pandemic will be challenging for most people – in particular, for those populations who are more likely to experience severe effects of COVID-19 or who are marginalized by health care and other support systems.

Family physicians can hold anticipatory discussions with community members to help them maintain health, stay mentally resilient, manage chronic conditions, and prepare for any potential upsurges in COVID-19 cases.

The following resources are tools to support family physicians in providing care to priority and marginalized populations throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Care During COVID-19 Series

These one-pagers provide guidance, reminders and links to trusted resources relevant to caring for specific populations throughout the pandemic.

Cultural Safety and Humility
Family physicians have a role to play in ending systemic racism in health care. Indigenous communities and individuals are disproportionately affected by health, geographic and economic vulnerabilities, as well as racial biases in the health care system. Here are some resources to support you in practising the culturally safe, humble and trauma-informed care that is urgently needed.

Poverty Tool
Many patients are facing unexpected economic adversity because of the pandemic. The BC version of the Poverty Tool incorporates local resources and supports to help family physicians and other health care providers screen for and respond to poverty concerns in their patients.

Family physicians should also be aware of emergency benefits available to patients facing hardship:

Additional Resources
Maintaining your own health and resilience is equally important in the pandemic response. Please refer to our Resilience and Wellness webpage.

The BCCFP has compiled an array of timely and relevant COVID resources for you and your patients.