Do you know a family physician dedicated to sharing their knowledge with residents or medical students? Have you benefited from a strong mentor in your career?

With teaching now taking place at more than 90 urban, regional, community and remote settings across the province, 3,500 family physicians play an increasingly important role as teachers, preceptors and mentors.

To recognize and honour some of the family physicians who have incorporated this important role with their clinical practice, we have created a new Exceptional Teacher Honour to recognize and celebrate some of BC’s dedicated community-based teachers and mentors.

Nominations will be considered throughout the year, and it’s easy to nominate.

If you are a colleague or former student and would like to nominate a community-based BC family physician for this honour, send an email to [email protected]  providing the name of the nominee and a few sentences describing why you think they deserve to be recognized.

We will send them a personal letter of congratulations and recognize their honour in our communications to members.

Read about our recipients to date:

  • Dr. Shane Barclay

    On his arrival (at Sun Peaks), he quickly agreed to take on a resident, now he has two, followed by doing teaching sessions in the UBC department of the Royal Inland Hospital with 3rd year medical students and residents. He has his own website guiding learners in rural emergency medicine and has put on extra teaching sessions for students and residents here at Sun Peaks in subjects such as bedside ultrasound use, dermoscopy and emergency medicine procedures. He has also expanded his education to ski patrol and supported the community in CPR training and teaching on the narcotic crisis and the use of narcan… he has an exceptional thirst to teach and share his knowledge.”

  • Dr. Matt Blackwood

    “I would like to nominate Dr. Matt Blackwood. He practiced in Mission and is now semi retired. We learned about his knowledge and lectures about ADHD. in children and adults.”

  • Dr. Herbert Chang

    “He pushes his residents and students hard to develop clinical thinking skills and reasoning, all while being very respectful and creating a very safe and supportive learning environment. I always felt challenged with him and learned so much because I felt safe to learn and loved discussing cases with him. He forced me to defend my reasoning, challenged things I thought I knew, and taught me what it is to be a long-term community physician.  He is also humble, and clearly loves teaching.  My experience with him turned me into doctor that I feel proud to be.”

  • Dr. Barbara Hejdankova

    “Throughout the years, she has been a preceptor for multiple family medicine sites at UBC (initially St Paul’s, now Coastal). Not only does she mentor one resident, but she takes on TWO each year as their primary preceptor! This is on top of IMG assessment program students that she also teaches and has been involved with for years. Dr. Hejdankova genuinely enjoys working with and teaching the next generation of doctors.”

  • Dr. Edmund Low

    “Dr. Edmond Low is an outstanding teacher and mentor, and he epitomizes the full practice family physician. Over the course of his career, he has practised a wide spectrum of medicine including office practice, obstetrics, emergency medicine, hospital medicine, and surgical assist. Dr. Low has a passion for teaching, and he consistently takes residents under his wing, passing on his knowledge and experiences. He provides his residents the autonomy to treat and manage patients, while offering the necessary support and guidance drawing from his years of clinical experience. Dr. Low also demonstrates the utmost respect, patience, and care for his patients, and this is reflected by the high regard in which he is held by them. As a result, he has helped train many competent and compassionate young family physicians.”

  • Dr. Margaret McGregor

    “She is a dedicated family physician with strong interest in assuring that medical students, FP residents and R3 fellows have appropriate and high quality teaching in community geriatrics. She herself is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable preceptor and she has also convened a provincial group of FPs to share teaching experience and influence curricula. She has presented at numerous FP CME events including the FMF. Marg has developed and taught medical students with case-based education, all with a focus on providing care to frail, community-dwelling elders. I have no doubt that Marg has personally “left her mark” on many trainees and has elevated medical education regarding community geriatric care to a higher standard more generally.”

  • Dr. Simon Moore

    “He has worked for a number of years as a year 1 and 2 coordinator at UBC for medical students and now is leading the medical student/resident involvement at the new urgent care clinic in Vancouver. In addition, he has started the review course in Family Medicine and was recognized by students as one of the top teachers at UBC in the past year. He is constantly giving talks to residents and students at residency retreats as well, and is one of the highest ranked speakers at these events.”

  • Dr. Jeff Plante

    “I would like to place a nomination for my preceptor, Dr. Jeff Plante, for the BCCFP Honour of the Exceptional Teaching Recognition. Aside from his very busy work as a community GP at the Langley City Family Practice, Dr. Plante has an even broader scope of practice including Maternity Care and Hospitalist duties at Langley Memorial Hospital, and he is the Langley Division Lead for our residency program.  He has been my preceptor for my first year of residency and I’m eager and excited to continue learning under him during my second year of training.  Dr. Plante exhibits the most exceptional qualities of what it means to be a balanced practitioner but also a clinical mentor and instructor. Throughout my first year, he has been an excellent role model and has instilled in me the strongest qualities of a competent Family Doctor. He has supported me in what I’ve done well and has celebrated my strengths as a growing and learning resident. Additionally, he has also challenged my clinical acumen and has encouraged me to improve on my weaknesses in a constructive and positive manner.”

  • Dr. Michael Purdon

    “Dr. Purdon is one of our dedicated family practice preceptors. He has warmly welcomed FP residents into his practice for the past several years and provided them with top-notch training. Above and beyond this, he has generously offered his expertise and time in helping a number of residents facing learning challenges in our program. Dr. Purdon has also distinguished himself academically as a speaker, organizing the Master Teacher diploma program in Kelowna and delivering some of the best received sessions in the FP residents’ academic curriculum. He is a truly valued expert in our community, and I heartily support Dr. Purdon being recognized with the Exceptional Teacher Honour.”


  • Dr. Conrad Rusnak

    “Conrad carries the main educational load of organizing and teaching Family Practice residents the primary health care of the frail elderly. With Dr. Margaret McGregor, he shares administration of the UBC primary care geriatrics program, and is completely responsible for advanced resident of teaching.  He has supervised over the past 10 years or so dozens of advanced-skills-seeking residents and his influence on the quality of care of frail elderly people in BC and elsewhere therefore is huge. Residents consistently rate him as an excellent teacher, mentor, and exemplar of great care.  Conrad’s teaching and clinical style is wonderfully self-facing and students benefit from his example practicing with humility. This in spite of being one of the most experienced and effective physicians in our primary care-of-elderly community. The combination of broad knowledge and technical skill with an instinct for practical and humane solutions is in my opinion pretty well unique to this great doctor.  I am sure Conrad’s dedication, skills, mentoring, and the professionalism and style he represents to students deserve recognition as an exceptional teacher.”

  • Dr. Sara Shahram

    “Dr. Sara Shahram is a family physician working in Surrey/Langley and she has been an incredible teacher and mentor to many medical students, residents, and nurse practitioner students who have had the opportunity to work with her.  I worked with Dr. Shahram in 2017/2018 when I was a student and I am forever grateful for her kindness, patience, and willingness to share her experience and knowledge in family medicine. She has a passion for primary care that is contagious, and she is a highly skilled and compassionate clinician. An amazing role model for many learners!”

  • Dr. Jay Slater

    “Jay Slater is among the two or three most experienced, capable, influential, and dedicated teachers of medical students and residents in British Columbia. He is a teacher, administrator, innovator, trusted colleague, and leader in this area of family practice… Jay Slater teaches care of the elderly at all levels: nurses and other health professionals, medical students, family practice residents, family practitioners, the general public, and at least once to my knowledge politicians. He is an accomplished and entertaining speaker and there is never any doubt of his credibility and enthusiasm. Students without exception report his presentations and mentoring as exemplary… Jay accomplishes his exemplary teaching in spite of a wide range of other professional responsibilities.”

  • Dr. Harold Stefanyk

    “Dr. Stefanyk is nominated as a teacher and mentor. “He is a very knowledgeable physician who has compassion and is dedicated to his patients… he created a learning environment that was welcoming, empowering and motivating.”

  • Dr. Theresa Szezepaniak

    “Dr. Szezepaniak is not only experienced, evidence based, and thorough, but is also compassionate and empathetic in her practice. She was an engaged teacher and continually challenged herself along with her learners in advancing their own medical knowledge and skills development. She role modeled excellence in scholarship and clinical practice and four years later, I continue to draw on her lessons and teachings to enhance my own practice. She deserves to be acknowledged as an exceptional teacher, and I am certain she continues to provide wonderful care to her patients and community, and excellent mentorship to her current and future learners.”

  • Dr. Carole Williams

    Dr. Carole Williams is described as an incredible mentor: “Each year she takes an ICC student for an entire year, as well additional students sometimes on top of that, and helps shape them into mature medical students. She models what it looks like to have an incredible fulfilling career but also how to take care of one’s self.”

  • Dr. Jean-Marie Wilson

    Dr. Jean-Marie Wilson is nominated as an excellent mentor: “She is a model physician with respect to her immense medical knowledge, compassionate care and excellent patient rapport.  Dr. Wilson is keen to take on learners both at resident and medical student levels and is a pleasure to learn from.”

  • Dr. Lisa Wilson

    Dr. Lisa Wilson is nominated as an excellent mentor: “She is a model physician with respect to her immense medical knowledge, compassionate care and excellent patient rapport.  Dr. Wilson is keen to take on learners both at resident and medical student levels and is a pleasure to learn from.”