Modelled on the coins used by the Canadian military to recognize special achievements, the College Coin is designed to honour some of the unsung heroes in family medicine – the family physicians we admire for their ongoing commitment to family medicine and dedication to good work.

College Coins are peer-nominated and can be submitted at any point throughout the year.

If you are a BCCFP member and would like to nominate a BC family physician for the College Coin, please submit the form below. Nominees must be BCCFP members.

Nomination qualifications are based on the wide-ranging values that family physicians bring to practice, teaching, mentorship and health care improvement, including:

  • Being a trusted advisor and friend to practice colleagues
  • Leading activities outside of clinical practice that support family medicine
  • Serving as a role model for residents and medical students
  • Providing leadership in CPD
  • Being a strong advocate for evidence-based care
  • Working with a team to create a practice that is aligned with the Patient’s Medical Home model
  • Demonstrating service and dedication to patients during a long career in family medicine
  • Offering support and assistance to colleagues when needed (e.g. covering call while a colleague is away for a family emergency or other unexpected reason)

College Coin Nomination

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