Modelled on the coins used by the Canadian military to recognize special achievements, the College Coin is designed to honour some of the unsung heroes in family medicine – the family physicians we admire for their ongoing commitment to family medicine and dedication to good work.

College Coins are peer-nominated and can be submitted at any point throughout the year.

If you are a BCCFP member and would like to nominate a BC family physician for the College Coin, simply send an email to providing the name of the nominee and a few sentences describing why you think they deserve to be recognized. Nominees must be BCCFP members.

Nomination qualifications are based on the wide-ranging values that family physicians bring to practice, teaching, mentorship and health care improvement, including:

  • Being a trusted advisor and friend to practice colleagues
  • Leading activities outside of clinical practice that support family medicine
  • Serving as a role model for residents and medical students
  • Providing leadership in CPD
  • Being a strong advocate for evidence-based care
  • Working with the practice team to create a Patient’s Medical Home
  • Demonstrating service and dedication to patients during a long career in family medicine
  • Covering call while a colleague is away for a family emergency or other unexpected reason

Read about all of our recipients to date.

2022 recipients

Dr. Bryan Bass

Dr. Bass's nominator had this to say "Bryan is a physician in Cowichan who consistently meets the needs of his patients and is the Chair of the Cowichan Division of Family Practice. He is able to see the big picture in primary care, he speaks on behalf of his colleagues and also understands the need and value of team based care members. In the past few months Bryan has been at the table with the Health Authority in difficult conversations around an Urgent and Primary Care Clinic in Cowichan. Through it all, he has remained calm, kind and generous while bravely representing any/all concerns expressed by the other primary care providers in the community. We are grateful that Bryan remained in conversation, stood up for his members and retained his sense of humor as this has been hard, soul-searching work. Bryan is truly a leader in so many ways and Cowichan is very fortunate that he is here."

Dr. Ana Boskovic

Dr. Boskovic's nominator had this to say "She has worked effectively and collaboratively with program leadership and administration while at the same time advocating for improvements to the program. Her advocacy has been informed by actively listening to the concerns of her fellow residents and by a pragmatic and realistic perspective.

 Her efforts on behalf of residents helped lead to enhanced resident activity fund dispersal, improved resident reimbursement for program related expenses, improved travel and accommodation stipends for rural and remote rotations, and more protected time for exam registration."

Dr. Sienna Bourdon

Dr. Bourdon's nominator says "Dr. Bourdon has built a career almost entirely focused on the concept of “Community-Based”. Seeing gaps, and care needs in the community, she does NOT simply throw up her arms and give up in frustration… she organizes, calls people, talks to politicians and Health Authorities, looks for innovations in other communities and finds ways of bringing care models and teams to the communities in which we live and serve. Furthermore, she participates actively in the Family Physician-led Community Hospital, is involved in acute and hospital-based care and the Doctor-of-the-Day program along with other community Family Physician Colleagues."

Dr. Sarah Chritchley

Dr. Chritchley's nominator had this to say " She does family medicine, baby to grave, but no maternity, obstetrics, or Emergency Room. Palliative care and house calls when needed and she works with an amazing team of docs and now a nurse in our office. Her love is internal medicine and complex patients. Longitudinal care is the best gig."

Dr. Teresa Cordoni

"Dr. Cordoni has been one of the bravest physicians working through COVID pandemic in person, supporting colleagues and patients. She is almost never thinking of self and always being there for others: from babies she delivers to frail elderly she supports. Dr. Cordoni is an amazing physician for over 40 years and thousands of her patients and many colleagues are loving her for her big heart, amazing knowledge, wit, hard work and ability to deal efficiently with interpersonal problems. It is a great privilege to work with such an amazing doctor like Dr. Cordoni for over 20 years and wishing for another 20! She is the most VERSATILE physician I've ever met."

Dr. Magda Du Plessis

Dr. Du Plessis's nominator had this to say "Dr Magda Du Plessis - she is a caring and great doctor. She is the head of Dawson Creek Hospital, as well as running Mile Zero Medical clinic and Chickadee maternity clinic.  She does everything so well and still has a family of her own. It amazes everyone how she gets everything done. She is a wonderful leader and example as a doctor"

Dr. Jeevan Grewal

Dr. Grewal's nominator says "Dr. Grewal plays such an important role in our family, and I can’t thank her enough for her honesty, compassion and patience. She really is the best there is. She always does her best to help us and I have leaned so heavily on her during this pandemic and she has held me up and validated my experiences. I will be forever grateful for the care that Dr. Grewal has provided to me and my family."

Dr. Aseem Grover

Dr. Grover's nominator says "As the medical director of Fraser Canyon Hospital, Dr. Grover was instrumental in securing the welfare of his community, which includes Boston Bar First Nation, during the 2021 wildfires of B.C. and then again in November when he went on several rescue missions during BC floods to accompany patients and drop off essential medical supplies."

Dr. Lindsay Hawkins

Dr. Hawkins's nominator had this to say "Dr. Hawkins hasn’t sought out recognition or defined positions within local governance, instead choosing to work in the trenches of PCN development and implementation of the Patient Medical Home. She doesn’t seek (or even really want) acknowledgement of the hard work she puts in as she helps the teams that she works with to promote the fundamental ideals of family medicine and primary care. Her name doesn’t show up on many documents, social media blitzes or thank-you lists. She is simply motivated by the greater good. Ensuring patients get the best possible care and that physicians are supported in providing that care. She is a reminder to me every day of the higher calling of medicine, of the social contract we have and of what it really means to be an excellent family doctor."

Dr. Bruce Hobson

Dr. Hobson's nominator had this to say "I am nominating Dr. Bruce Hobson for the College Coin. He is now retired from full service family practice - however, has been an exemplary dedicated family physician in his community of Powell River providing longitudinal comprehensive care for more than three decades to his patient panel, in addition to his teaching and mentoring learners.

He then transitioned into more focused work on supporting provincial CPD initiatives and coaching his colleagues both in EMR optimization and CPD best practices.   He has and continue to involve himself in leadership roles to represent the family physician voice in healthcare transformation”

Dr. Wilhelm Hofmeyr

Dr. Hofmeyr's nominator had this to say "Dr. Hofmeyr is an exceptional person, doctor and health mentor who has had such an positive influence on my family’s health care and well being, as well as in the community around him through the Docs on the Bay practice which he started over a decade ago in the community of Horseshoe Bay, West Vancouver."

Dr. Nerine Kleinhans

Dr. Kleinhans' nominator says "When I considered nominating Dr. Kleinhans for this award, I reflected on the qualities and skills that most individuals would expect of an exceptional Family Physician. I first met Dr. Kleinhans 7 years ago when I was in a Senior Physician Leadership role as well as providing clinical care as a Family Physician. I was immediately struck by her compassion, keen wit and desire to learn and make a difference in people’s lives and in her community. I was impressed by her innate leadership abilities and her willingness to be curious and to share ideas to solve problems and to find the best course of action. I reflected on a clinical day in Lake Country when a patient presented for follow up of significant traumatic injuries. When I asked about her initial care, the patient informed me how wonderful her emergency care had been in Creston. She explained how careful and thorough the doctor had been and what a difference it had made following her traumatic event. I asked the name of the physician and wasn’t surprised to learn the physician who had provided such exemplary and reassuring care was Dr. Nerine Kleinhans."

Dr. Laura Knebel

Dr. Knebel's nominator had this to say “I would like to nominate Dr. Laura Knebel for a BCCFP College Coin Honour. Dr. Knebel is a inner-city family physician and the medical lead for the Downtown Community Health Centre (DCHC). As well as continuing to provide high-quality complex primary care to the patients of the DTES, Dr. Knebel also demonstrated exemplary clinical leadership throughout the pandemic as well on-call physician support to the DTES Covid Outreach Team.”

Dr. Kelsey Kozoriz

Dr. Kozoriz's nominator says "She is active as a teacher, mentoring family medicine residents and third year medical students in this clinic as well as in the inpatient ward at Cowichan District Hospital, where she is part of a team of family physicians who care for unattached patients. While raising her young and growing family, she has contributed to the medical community in many ways. Through the past two years of the Covid-19 pandemic, she has emerged as a respected local expert on Covid-19 assessment and treatment, as Medical Lead of the Cowichan Respiratory Assessment clinic, and more recently, with her work in launching the Island wide Covid-19 Outpatient Therapeutics Clinic. Throughout the pandemic, Dr Kozoriz’ compassion and dedication to the Indigenous communities in our area have been apparent. She coordinated a group of physicians who provided countless hours of support to vaccine clinics in Cowichan Tribes, Penelakut Tribe and Stz’uminus First Nation. In bringing a physician presence, these clinics became “one stop shops” where community members could access testing, assessment, and get their vaccine concerns addressed before receiving immunization. In the context of ongoing systemic racism and historical trauma and mistrust of the health care system, Dr. Kozoriz recognized the importance of reaching out and going in to the community and building relationships."

Dr. Janet Kugyelka

Dr. Kugyelka's nominator had this to say: “Dr. Kugyelka after a career as a full-service family physician in several areas of Canada including Nova Scotia, Alberta and the Yukon now works as a Hospitalist at Burnaby hospital. In her hospitalist role Dr. Kugyelka has as taken on many extra projects including creating a physician scheduling system to provide the greatest continuity of care for patients, working on quality improvement projects “home for lunch” to promote early discharge of patients and creating fun videos highlighting  quality improvement projects. During her time as the Burnaby Hospital Medicine department head Dr. Kugyelka focused on ensuring appropriate physician staffing levels were scheduled for each of the shifts, a fair and transparent hiring process for the program and ensuring the highest quality of care was provided from the hospitalist service to every patient admitted to Burnaby Hospital. Dr. Kugyelka is well deserving of this college coin “an Unsung hero of family medicine – some one we admire for their ongoing commitment to family medicine and their dedication to good work”.

Dr. Richard Lee

Dr Lee's nominator had this to say "The transformation I have witnessed as he has taken on challenging leadership positions that would have stressed and broken other physicians has truly been impressive. It can be difficult for physicians to move from the clinical realm to the world of leadership. Dr. Lee has taken the position and responsibility that was thrust on him with great gusto. His leadership has allowed a cadre of Medical Assistants and Medical Technicians in the Reserve Field Ambulance to witness what caring leadership looks like and what its effects are."

Dr. Paul Magnuson

Dr. Magnuson's nominator had this to say "It is with great pride and confidence that I nominate my colleague and friend, Dr Paul Magnuson, for this prestigious award. Our Board of Directors (for the Central Interior Rural Division of Family Practice) and I would like to say that Paul has been and continues to be a bedrock in the foundation of the healthcare system here in the Cariboo. He is a leader, a teacher, a highly skilled and trusted physician, and he is absolutely deserving of this honour. I know I speak on behal fof our entire membership when I say how privileged and proud we are to have Paul in our community and on our team."

Dr. Roy Maroney

Dr. Maroney's nominator had this to say "When our old doctor left suddenly, Dr. Roy Maroney took over his patient load. We found he was kind, and treated his patients with respect, liked to laugh with you and yet makes you feel like an old friend. We could talk to him on anything and openly.He is a diamond in the world of Doctors. Open, honest, willing to discuss and not veto your ideas on your own health care treatment, makes you feel validated and not talked down to."

Dr. Carrie Marshall

Dr. Marshall's nominator had this to say "Dr. Carrie Marshall has much to offer our medical system and proves her dedication to public health and family medicine all the time. She puts her whole self into her profession and she should be recognized! Along with our west coast community I cannot speak highly enough about this remarkable doctor. She puts "family" into the term family doctor and we all love her!"

Dr. Jayden McIntyre

Dr. McIntyre's nominator had this to say "Our doctor lives and breathes doctoring. This young man is a credit to doctoring as he puts his whole life into being a doctor. When the emergency room does not have a doctor, to keep them from shutting down Dr. McIntyre will fill in. Dr. McIntyre will call you at home if he needs to discuss something with you. I feel Dr. McIntyre is very selfless and a wonderful doctor and all around human. I am so very grateful for him."

Dr. Donna Mclachlan

Dr. McLachlan's nominator had this to say " Dr. Mclachlan continues to amaze me with her hard work and dedication to her patients. She is such an amazing advocate for her patients as she is always striving to get them the best care possible. She has an endless supply of energy that is utilized for a busy office practice, house calls, palliative care, teaching Family Medicine residents, surgical assists, and up until recently an obstetrical practice.  Donna has inspired many young doctors over the years to provide full service family practice. She is a real gift to our community. "

Dr. Paras Mehta

Dr. Mehta's nominator had this to say "When I see Dr. Mehta in action with his interactions with others- I see the kindness, the compassion, humbleness of what encompasses a good family doctor to his patients, to his colleagues and the community. These characteristics has been steadfast and consistent. It inspires me being a primary care physician, it gives me hope and belief that a sustainable primary care is really what is good for our patient's community and system. He inspires us to do our part and be better everyday."

Dr. Tracy Monk

Dr. Monk's nominator had this to say "First, Dr. Monk is a wonderful family doctor with over 30 years of experience in her own longitudinal care family practice in the Burnaby/Coquitlam area. I have known her for many years, since she did a locum in my office shortly after she completed training. She is a knowledgeable, caring, dedicated physician who is supportive of her patients, co-workers, and her family medicine colleagues; and she actively advocates for us all. Despite the time commitments and challenges of practice she has always looked outside her own immediate situation and has advocated and worked to improve the lot of all family physicians and their patients. I think I can safely say that there is no family physician in BC, and hence none of their patients, who have not benefited from some aspect of the work Dr. Monk has done."

Dr. Jennifer Olsen

Dr. Olsen's nominator had this to say "Dr. Olsen has been the heart of Kamloops' family medicine obstetrics clinic - Thompson Regional Family Obstetrics (TRFO) for the past year. She has put in hours and hours of her time to help support this clinic. Without her, this clinic would not be what it istoday. Recently, she has started a program to help support the local marginalized maternity patients. She is an invaluable member to the TRFO team and to the Kamloops community."

Dr. Sarah Olson

Dr. Olsen's nominator had this to say "Dr Olsen goes above and beyond to make her practice inclusive. Whether you are queer, straight, trans, fat, skinny, a new mom, or an old farmer, Dr Olsen meets you where you are at. From the intake forms which include opportunities to express name and gender preferences, making room to acknowledge trauma and the roll it plays in health, chairs that allow all sizes to fit and feel comfortable, to even the art hanging on the walls. It is a welcoming and safe practice and her work feels collaborative"

Dr. Laura Ritonja

Dr. Ritonja's nominator had this to say "There are many reasons why Dr. Ritonja is very deserving of this award. First, Dr. Ritonja displays excellence in family medicine. She is an extraordinary advocate for comprehensive and evidence-based, patient-centered care. I am always impressed with her knowledge (both medically and with community resources), how thorough her consultations are, and how well supported her patients are."

Dr. Jeremy Sawatzky-Martens

Dr. Sawatzky-Martens's nominator had this to say "Jeremy is the doctor we all wish we could be. He is empathetic, thorough, and beloved by his patients. He is kind and collegial to every one of his colleagues. There are the little things - like the fact that he always brings in coffee to the ER on his shifts, just to go the extra mile for his team. But more than that, Jeremy is always willing and eager to lend a hand, trade a shift, or talk through a tough case or personal troubles."

Dr. Phil Sestak

Dr. Sestak's nominator says "An advocate, leader, educator, and remarkably skilled clinician, Dr. Sestak exemplifies the pillars of family medicine to the utmost degree. His care and compassion for his patients is endless; his clinical acumen and attention to detail is unparalleled. Even in the twilight years of his career, he continued to learn, adapt his own skillset to the changing needs of his patient population, and continued to provide care to the highest of standards."

Dr. Jana Sidorov

Dr. Sidorov's nominator had this to say "So many times over the last twenty years, she has taken the time and interest to get to know all of us, our medical (and personal) histories and thoughtfully guide us through medical care and follow-ups. She is thorough and is not hesitant to direct us to specialists if she feels the need. On more than several occasions over the years, she has reached out to her personal medical contacts as we sat right in her office to get us help and appointments asap."

Dr. John Sloan

Dr. Sloan's nominator had this to say “During the transition to Cerner at the Sechelt hospital a frail elderly palliative patient attended the ER. Dr. Sloan arrived before she did by EMS and through phone calls, and personally driving to her home to discuss her care with her son he was able to avoid an unnecessary admission for this frail patient and to continue to provide care to her at home while freeing up our limited rural EMS services.”

Dr. Galina Strovskaia

Dr. Strovskaia's nominator had this to say "Our family doctor has been wonderful with our care and committed to well being for 15 years, it truly is a partnership for wellness. Her holistic approach to health as a family has made a difference in our lives, she provides education, life health advice as well as good follow-up. She has outstanding traits for a medical professional - compassion, knowledge and passion for what she does. I love that she is quick to make sure you are seeing the right person for the best care."