Our College Coin is a new way for the BCCFP to honour family physicians who deserve recognition for their work. Nominations are considered throughout the year, and it’s easy to nominate.

Modelled on the coins used by the Canadian military to recognize special achievements, the College Coin is designed to honour some of the unsung heroes in family medicine – the family physicians we admire for carrying out “good work.”

The reasons for nominations for our College Coin reflect the wide-ranging value that family physicians bring to practice, teaching, mentorship and health care improvement, including:

  • Being a trusted advisor and friend to practice colleagues
  • Leading activities outside of clinical practice that support family medicine
  • Serving as a role model for residents and medical students
  • Providing leadership in CPD
  • Being a strong advocate for evidence-based care
  • Working with the practice team to create a Patient’s Medical Home
  • Demonstrating service and dedication to patients during a long career in family medicine
  • Covering call while a colleague is away for a family emergency or other unexpected reason

If you are a BCCFP member and would like to nominate a BC family physician for the College Coin, simply send an email to toby.kirshin@bccfp.bc.ca providing the name of the nominee and a few sentences describing why you think they deserve to be recognized. (Nominees do not need to be BCCFP members.)

Read about our recipients to date.

  • Dr. Chip Bantock

    Dr. Chip Bantock is passionate about improving and advancing family medicine and providing the best patient care. During more than 20 years of full-service family practice in Kamloops, he has been involved in activities supporting family medicine – improving patient care and access to care. Throughout his career, he has been proactive in supporting colleagues both professionally and personally.

    Dr. Bantock is a long-term member of the Thompson Region Family Obstetrics group, an innovative partnership approach for patients with the community of family physicians and Interior Health to support maternity care in the region.

    He is a founding Director and Past Chair of the Thompson Region Division of Family Practice, involved since its inception in multiple leadership roles and participating in the development and trialing of innovative programs to support family physicians in their quest to improve patient care. Dr. Bantock’s leadership  continues to be instrumental in bringing the physician community and patient voice to primary health care transformation in the region.

  • Dr. Sandy Barlow

    Dr. Sandy Barlow has served on the BCCFP Board since 2012 providing “incredible service.” During time, she has shown tremendous resolve and integrity, guiding the organization to focus on the needs of members. She is a solid advocate for the family physician working in the trenches, a voice for those who cannot be at the table.

    “In her quiet and respectful way, Dr. Barlow has ensured the BCCFP Board has not lost sight of the members we serve and has kept us accountable.”

  • Dr. Steve Beerman

    “Steve Beerman is a passionate family physician leader in Nanaimo, Site Director of the residency program there and leading a primary care transformation project separately funded from PCN’s. However, what’s more is that he is recognized locally, nationally and internationally for his work in drowning prevention.”

  • Dr. Fraser Black

    Dr. Fraser Black’s service to family medicine includes caring for underprivileged populations at the Cool Aid Clinic, including using an Integrative Medicine approach for patients living with persistent pain, and his role as physician at Victoria Hospice providing end-of-life care. As Assistant Dean at the UBC Island Medical Program, he is also a mentor and role model for medical students and residents.

  • Dr. Mike Blumenauer

    “He very quietly and efficiently provides his clinic colleagues with experience, support and locum coverage that far surpasses what we could ever ask for! This helps his colleagues get amazing down time while ensuring short wait times for our patients to access care even while we are away.”

  • Dr. Sarah Brears

    “Sarah Brears and Maria Hubinette are family physician leaders in undergrad (at UBC) who have been endlessly trying to engage FP’s in teaching and building capacity to ensure medical students continue to have early clinical experiences that entice them to apply to family practice residency. Sarah is Director of family Practice for the Southern Medical Program.”

  • Dr. Dean Brown

    Dr. Dean Brown has been a longstanding, tireless leader on the North Shore who believes passionately in the importance of primary care, as well as a family physician in a full-service practice for more than 25 years. He was the inaugural chair of the North Shore Division of Family Practice and remains an active member of the Division Board of Directors. As Chief of the Lions Gate Hospital Department of Family Practice and the Family Medicine Residency Site Director (Coastal) for the UBC Family Medicine Program, Dr. Brown is a role model for our future family physicians.

  • Dr. Susan Burgess

    “I would like to nominate Dr. Sue Burgess for her encouragement of my own activism and using my voice in defense of patient care in light of ongoing system changes, College Regulations and Health Authority mandates. She continues to walk in the alleys to outreach to patients who perhaps would never have connected and has tirelessly treated HIV and MH addictions with great compassion.”

  • Dr. Gulzar Cheema

    “He has put forth a tremendous effort giving to the community. He a leader in developing the ICON project in concert with UBC for Diabetics in an ethnic community.”

  • Dr. Holden Chow

    Dr. Chow has been instrumental in advocating for, designing, and continuing to maintain the residency program at Abbotsford Regional Hospital.  Prior to its inception, more than 50 per cent of the family doctors in the community were within five years of retirement.  Thanks to the residency program and the work of the Division of Family Medicine, more than 50 per cent are under 40, with some of the residents choosing to practice in Abbotsford and taking leadership roles at the hospital and the Division of Family Practice.

  • Dr. Spencer Cleave

    “Spencer spent three years developing a High Complexity Care family practice, taking on some of the most complex and marginalized patients in the western communities of Victoria. He has worked tirelessly with administration, local family practice divisions, and hospital groups to establish this clinic which provides comprehensive care. It is an alternatively funded practice, allowing time for longer, more thorough appointments, and home visits… Spencer is a strong advocate for patients, an advocate for change in a very troubled time for family practice, and compassionate and caring physician.”

  • Dr. Courtnay Crowell

    “She has been incredible in doing the mundane background that has to be done in order to keep an ER running well including, scheduling, department organization, protocols and expectations, and incident review.”

  • Dr. Richard Cudmore

    “Dr. Cudmore came to Squamish around 25 to 40 years ago, took over the Chief of Staff position from Dr Kindree who pioneered health care services in the corridor before there were roads. Dr Cudmore built what we have today in Squamish and the corridor by becoming Medical director also serving years on the RMAC…rural MAC in a prominent leadership role to guide the evolution of services from Squamish to Pemberton… Richard is uncompromising if it comes to quality of care, loyalty to colleagues and setting an example of what professionalism and collegiality should look like…  He has navigated us through many regional health authority changes in leadership and evolution of health care services.  We are proud of him and think he needs recognition for carrying the flag in leadership for nearly three decades. He recently retired as local medical director.”

  • Dr. Marjorie Docherty

    Dr. Marjorie Docherty received the first College Coin award in recognition for her energy, passion and commitment to family medicine and family physicians across British Columbia during her four-year term on the BCCFP Board, particularly her leadership across the continuum in education and continuing professional development.

  • Dr. Anneline Du Preez

    Dr. Anneline Du Preez epitomizes the rural family doctor, practicing true cradle-to-grave medicine and care to a growing roster of complex-care and frail elderly patients. While serving as a full-time family physician in Kimberley, she is also an Emergency Room physician at the busy East Kootenay Regional Hospital in Cranbrook, and the chief physician at a long-term care facility.

    An advocate for evidence-based care and best practices, Dr. Du Preez is also active in the management of the medical clinic in which she practices, as well as in the local Division and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC Peer Review Program.

    She was one of a visionary team of family physicians that worked tirelessly create a Patient’s Medical Home in their clinic. As a result, this has become the model of Patient Care Homes that the province is aspiring towards.

  • Dr. Michael Dumont

    “I would like to nominate Dr. Dumont for his tireless enthusiasm to promote and create, (alongside others) a sustainable culturally safe Indigenous Health network. I have admired his patience and his optimism despite obstacles along the way.”

  • Dr. Eunice Fast

    “She has recently been working towards retirement and was my preceptor in residency. She is extremely thorough, provided the perfect amount of supervision and autonomy during my training. After my training she has been available for support whenever it was needed. I still hear her voice in my head when I’m thinking through difficult cases.”

  • Dr. Allison Ferg

    “She has delivered thousands of babies, is the smartest doc I know, we’ve been friends forever, she teaches, has had tremendous personal challenges and KEEPS on going! and I don’t think she has won an award yet!”

  • Dr. Janet Fisher

    Dr. Janet Fisher is recognized for her “tremendous capacity to identify a need within her physician community and dedicate tremendous time and energy to it, while continuing to provide exemplary patient care.” Her accomplishments range from designing a continuing professional development program to steering the implementation of a community EMR and helping to create a new family medicine residency site.

  • Dr. Kenneth K. Fung

    Dr. Kenneth Fung is recognized for his exemplary engagements in academia, professional as well as community services. In academics, he is a UBC Clinical Professor, a Fellow of Canadian Academy of Health Sciences, and a Fellow of Royal Society of Medicine, London, United Kingdom. Professionally, he has served as board member of the BCCFP, the Society of Clinical Faculties, and he is a CMA Honorary Member. Dr. Fung’s community service includes roles on the UBC Board and the Board of Vancouver Coastal Health, and he has been an advisor to many BC Premiers.

  • Dr. Peter Gorman

    Dr. Gorman has had a long and distinguished career as a family physician, practicing in Prince George, before relocating to Kamloops a decade ago. He stands out as a leader, a model family physician, and a mentor to both medical trainees and practicing family physicians. Dr. Gorman teaches medical students as part of his full-service family practice, volunteering to supervise and/or assess international medical graduates, nurse practitioner trainees and other learners. He is currently Site Faculty for Assessment and Evaluation for the UBC Family Practice Residency Program, Kamloops Site.

  • Dr. Clayton Hamm

    Dr Clayton Ham is a most knowledgeable and caring family physician. I am a retired family physician from Alberta and have suffered several health events of a serious nature in the last four years attended to by Dr. Ham with dispatch and caring. He has not needed to make house calls to me but I know that this is part of his practice. He takes the right amount of time with patients in the office with skill and arranges follow-up appropriately. I am impressed by Dr Ham’s skills and compassion.”

  • Dr. Marlowe Haskins

    “Marlowe is an inspiring rural generalist… he manages to run a full family practice, be an emergency physician, deliver babies, perform as a GP surgeon (c-sections, endoscopy, etc.), be involved in teaching, run medical staff meetings…”

  • Dr. Keith Hatlelid

    Dr. Hatlelid is a dedicated professional, working long hours in his practice for 30 years to care for many generations of families and provide mentorship to his colleagues. He has also served the elder population by working at the Vancouver General Hospital STAT centre for many years, as well as St. Jude’s Nursing Home. He provides house calls to his frail seniors and has delivered many babies during his career.

  • Dr. Maria Hubinette

    “Maria Hubinette and Sarah Brears are family physician leaders in undergrad (at UBC) who have been endlessly trying to engage FP’s in teaching and building capacity to ensure medical students continue to have early clinical experiences that entice them to apply to family practice residency. Maria is the Director of Undergraduate program central.”

  • Dr. Siobhan Key

    “Dr Key is an exceptional full-service family doctor, providing excellent clinical care within her practice an in the hospital where she provides inpatient care as obstetrical services. On top of this, Dr Key is part of the local palliative care team, providing end of life care as well as supporting other physicians with issues or challenges with their own patients around palliative issues. As if that wasn’t enough,  Dr Key has been providing weight loss management group to the community, following evidence based models, as she recently completed her Boards in Obesity Medicine. Dr Key provides endless support to the students and residents in the community, as well as to her colleagues.”

  • Dr. Shawna Koehle

    Dr. Shawna Koehle is recognized as “is an ethical and conscientious family physician serving her community well.” Dr. Koehle practices family practice obstetrics and teaches family practice residents. She has also taken part in several medical missions to Africa where she taught nursing students obstetrics skills to enhance community health. Dr. Koehle is also a tireless volunteer for the BCCFP’s Dinner with Docs.

  • Dr. Selena Lawrie

    Dr. Selena Lawrie is highly involved in the community of family physicians in Kamloops, thinking outside the box to improve patient care and access to care in the region. She was a founding Director for the Division of Family Practice (Thompson Region) and physician lead on primary care transformation initiatives. Currently Site Director, Dr. Lawrie was instrumental in the development of the Family Practice Residency Program in Kamloops.

    She is presently leading the development and implementation of a not-for-profit, Supporting Team Excellence with Patients Society, to develop a community owned primary care clinic. Dr. Lawrie is a Director on the Interior Health Board and a steering committee member representative for the Ministry of Health Physician Health program.


  • Dr. Kriegler le Roux

    “An excellent family physician that is never too busy to help a colleague, Kriegler is caring, kind and has a brilliant mind. His sense of humour has uplifted all of our spirits on more than one occasion.”

  • Dr. Sarah Lea

    “Dr. Sarah Lea and Dr. Heather McEwen saw the gap in care here in Victoria in looking after pregnant women with addictions. Thanks to their hard work and vision, they are bringing Victoria into this millennium in the care of women with perinatal addictions. I’d seen in Vancouver the incredible benefit of appropriate support for these women and was saddened to see Victoria so far behind when I moved here. Thanks to these two hard working docs, we’re slowly starting to catch up. There’s still a lot to be done, but at least we’re heading in the right direction.”

  • Dr. Michelle Linekin

    “She is a joy to have in our office due to her caring for patients, caring for colleagues, her fantastic (and quirky) sense of humour , and her great teaching abilities.  She is able to draw out knowledge from residents and always makes them feel good about their learning. If I went through the list of attributes of a good family doctor she excels at every single one!”

  • Dr. Greg Linton

    “Dr. Linton has worked in the rural community of Terrace for over 25 years. He is a highly-skilled and well-established Family Physician in the area… I have come to know him as a great leader, role model, and primary care innovator in our community, our region, and throughout the Province. He has been a teacher, a mentor, and a trusted advisor and confidante to so many of us. Going above and beyond the call of duty, Dr. Linton is the Site Director for the Rural Northwest Terrace Family Medicine Residency program. He is also a founding board director of the Pacific Northwest Division of Family Practice, and involved in ChangeBC… I really can’t think of a Physician in our community that would be more rewarding of the honor of receiving the BCCFP College Coin.”

  • Dr. Stan Lubin

    Dr. Stan Lubin is recognized for his service and dedication to thousands of patients during his career as a family physician, as well as his work in teaching.  He is described as “the type of family physician we all strive to be, hardworking, empathetic and kind.” Dr. Lubin’s College Coin honour comes at the close of a long, distinguished career as much-respected family doctor, mentor, collaborator and scholar. During his career, his work was recognized with a honours that include a Family Physician of the Year award and UBC awards for teaching.

  • Dr. Melanie Madill

    “Melanie has dedicated her career to serving the community. She provides exceptional patient care. She has taken on numerous leadership roles in the hospital, as a preceptor for UBC and on collaborative projects with community partners. She is a trusted colleague whose opinion and experience is often sought out by new and experienced physicians. She is retiring this year.”

  • Dr. Patricia Mark

    Although retired from her community family practice in Lantzville, Dr. Paddy Mark continues her long-running work in addictions and jail medicine. She has worked with the CPSBC on the methadone for addictions program and the development of the new centre for addictions. Dr. Mark continues to run a pain and addictions consultation service at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital, and champions the Division’s ongoing work with substance use programs. She has also taught and mentored many residents and students over the decades.

  • Dr. Ray Markham

    “His work connecting people is inspiring.  He does not seem driven to do things for recognition or the recognition of his organization (RCCbc) but he engages people simply to improve the system. The Provincial Partnerships event in January was an example of his influence. He is an inspiration to FPs and FP leaders.”

  • Dr. Randal Mason

    Dr. Randal Mason is a recent graduate with an impressive list of accomplishments. During his residency in the aboriginal program, he was pivotal/lead in the development and running of both the Snaw-naw-as First Nations clinic as well as the John Barsby Wellness Centre at the Barsby Community School (both new models of care), and most recently the Snuneymuxw First Nations Health Centre. During his first year of practice, he also provided locums in community family practice and worked in an addictions clinic.

  • Dr. David May

    Dr. May has been an advocate and leader for improving palliative care and chronic pain care services to the people of his community. Currently working as a GP Anesthetist and with a consulting practice for palliative care and chronic pain, he strives to spread his efforts regionally, provincially and now nationally. He has been on the local Division board chair and serves the Facility Engagement Initiative, as well as serving on both the BCCFP and CFPC Boards.

  • Dr. Ryan McCallum

    Dr. Ryan McCallum is recognized for his exceptional level of engagement, both within his own community and in the profession of family medicine. He has served on a number of boards and representative assemblies. During his time on the BCCFP Board, Dr. McCallum contributed a valuable perspective to the Membership and Awards Committee, and was instrumental in the development of the College Coin.

  • Dr. Heather McEwen

    “Dr. Sarah Lea and Dr. Heather McEwen saw the gap in care here in Victoria in looking after pregnant women with addictions. Thanks to their hard work and vision, they are bringing Victoria into this millennium in the care of women with perinatal addictions. I’d seen in Vancouver the incredible benefit of appropriate support for these women and was saddened to see Victoria so far behind when I moved here. Thanks to these two hard working docs, we’re slowly starting to catch up. There’s still a lot to be done, but at least we’re heading in the right direction.”

  • Dr. Katharine McKeen

    Dr. Katharine McKeen is recognized for her love of providing primary patient care, her deep commitment to serving her community and her teamwork. She “balances patient care and system thinking” as the co-chair of the GPSC Residential Care Initiative and the Medical Coordinator at the Heights at Mt. View. Dr McKeen other commitments include co-chairing the Collaborative Services Committee and membership on the Inter-divisional (Vancouver Island) PCN Steering Committee.

  • Dr. Janet McKeown

    “Janet is one of the Medical Directors in the UBC Health Clinic. She is an excellent role model for the residents: as a comprehensive FP with a special interest in sports medicine she continues to provide home visits and residential care coverage. In addition, in 2005 I engaged Janet in the developing UBC Neighbourhood Ministry serving the UBC area homeless community. Since 2005, she has continued to work with the group and eventually they developed the Mobile Care Unit working with social workers they visit the community during the week and on Saturdays. Only recently did we manage to provide APP coverage for the work she has been doing.”

  • Dr. Anthon Meyer

    Dr. Anthon Meyer is nominated for his inspirational work in the community of Fort St. James.  Through his leadership and vision, and with the support of his colleagues and the Primary Care Society of Fort St. James, he initiated the change to develop a new care model in the community. He was able to transform the former reactive, acute exacerbation model to a care model that focusses on holistic care, including acute, chronic and proactive/ preventative care. This transformative model demonstrated improvement in the health of the community and its outreach areas, reducing the overall burden of care on the health system and making wellness the focus. He developed a model where data is used effectively to improve quality in a meaningful manner and elevate standards of best practice. This is helping to better understand the health care system, improving patient and provider experience and ultimately address health care costs.

  • Dr. Simon Moore

    Dr. Simon Moore is recognized for co-creating the Review Course in Family Medicine, which runs in seven cities and attracts “exemplary and heartfelt” feedback from residents and practice eligible candidates across the country. His nominator notes that Dr. Moore’s commitment to excellence in education is unparalleled for someone at such an early stage of his career.

  • Dr. Marianne Morgan

    In the words of the colleague who nominated Dr. Marianne Morgan, she is “passionate about patient care, especially maternity care, and puts effort into team building and communication with nurses and other allied professionals. Marianne also cares about youth mental health and community health. She is an ethical and conscientious family physician serving her community well.”

  • Dr. Chris Morwood

    Dr. Chris Morwood is passionate about child and youth health, and has worked on many initiatives over the past seven years. He has dedicated his time, energy, creativity and collaborative effort to create physical activity opportunities for all Powell River residents, with a focus on children and youth. He has used his gift for collaboration and complex problem-solving to lead many multi-sector projects. He is also active in the Division of Family Practice and serves as president of medical staff while managing a full-time family practice, ER work and inpatient care.

  • Dr. Ashley Nicholson

    “Ashley has been a member of Team Canada Medical Football for two years now and will be the only GP in BC that will be playing for both the Masters Team (Canada’s first) and the main competition as well in Mexico this year during the World Medical Football Championships and Medical Conference. This will be Canada’s 4th year in the International competition which has teams of physicians from 24 countries around the world vying for the championship.”

  • Dr. Barry Oberleitner

    “Dr. Oberleitner is one of a kind. He is on call for ER, Anesthesia, Surgery and Obstetrics and does so without a minute of complaining. Always available and willing to help out. Committed and passionate.”

  • Dr. Sarah Ostler

    “She has demonstrated excellent leadership at Burnaby Hospital as Hospitalist Department Head and now Site Medical Director. She is an excellent clinician, and shows a passion for Quality Improvement. What really stands out however is her deep respect for all her colleagues from other physicians to cleaning staff to nurses to everyone in between. Dr. Ostler is very willing to admit she doesn’t always know all the answers but she can always be counted on to help find a solution to any problem, no matter how big or small. Because of these leadership qualities she has contributed to the atmosphere of collegiality and collaboration at Burnaby Hospital.”

  • Dr. Jessica Otte

    Dr. Jessica Otte is known as a pioneer in “less is more/choosing wisely.” She is also a passionate advocate for health care reform, as well as an outstanding clinician in her palliative care and elder care practice. In addition, Dr. Otte provides remote locums in Nunavut and the other territories.

  • Dr. Thomas Parsons

    Dr. Thomas Parsons is recognized as a quiet oft under-recognized community hero, a consummate role model for family medicine and a teacher of his peers, residents and medical students.  “Dr. Parsons has that nuanced approach to family medicine that maximizes wellness in every single patient he meets. He really exudes compassion in a rare effective way. He stands out amongst his colleagues in his willingness to be vulnerable as a true life-long learner and teacher.”


  • Dr. John Pawlovich

    He is the medical “director of the CSFS doctors, completes the call schedule, advocates for our funding, and spreads the good work about telehealth. He is deeply loved by his patients. AND he calls to check in on all the docs he works with especially the new to practice.”

  • Dr. Karen Persad

    “Dr. Persad is a kind and caring physician that touches lives every day. Dr. Persad is committed to her patients and excellent in emergency situations.”

  • Dr. Wilhelm Pieterse

    He is as “wise as Wikipedia, friendly like an Emoji smiley face, trustworthy like a Toyota, grounded like a grandfather, motivated like Mother Theresa, as compassionate as Combivent, as good as gold, a leader like a lioness, and above all – a spectacular colleague!!!”

  • Dr. Launette Rieb

    Dr. Launette Rieb is an exceptional addiction medicine role model, mentor, and teacher for family physicians in training and practice. A Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Family Practice at UBC, she has taught addiction medicine in the undergraduate and postgraduate medical programs here and at national and international conferences for 24 years. She is a cutting- edge researcher, award-winning teacher and founding director of a world-class addiction medicine fellowship.

  • Dr. Thomas Rimmer

    Dr. Rimmer has been a tireless advocate for the medical community of the Cowichan Valley, and has been instrumental in achieving many initiatives that have enhanced the community and the maintenance of a GP-run hospital, despite many obstacles. He retains a great sense of humour and vitality through it all. He has also been a great mentor and teacher to both under- and post-graduate students, encouraging some of them to return to our community. He is an outstanding example of a family physician.

  • Dr. Laurren Rodgers

    Dr. Laurren Rodgers is nominated for the “exceptional work she is doing day-to-day in the community of Fort St. James.” She has worked tirelessly with her colleagues over the past four years to create a true Patient Medical Home in the community. The result is a care model that improved access, improved care, created sustainability and improved provider experience.

  • Dr. Lisa Sawyer

    Dr. Lisa Sawyer is recognized for her reassurance, support and grounding in working with her colleagues, as a trusted advisor, collaborator and friend. “As a colleague – she is there for you – in the way you need her to be – the reflective mirror for a difficult conversation, the shoulder to cry on, the levity and laughter, the team collaborator, the objective clinician, the friend.”

  • Dr. Ian Schokking

    “Dr. Schokking is a Prince George FP and Chair of the Doctors of BC CPD Committee. He has organized presentations on Mainpro+, Certification of programs, peer coaching, e-coach, and is now leading the presentation of the CanMEDS roles. This year the conference was dedicated to the Health Advocate role.”

  • Dr. Pam Squire

    “For several decades Pam has made a meaningful difference to people living with chronic pain.  She has forever been advancing a better understanding of pain science through teaching about pain to UBC medical students and residents as well as lecturing in Canada and internationally.  She mentors both the new and old generations of physicians in improved or cutting-edge modalities to treating pain in complex and challenging clinical presentations.  Pam has modelled a balanced career which is being carried forward by her daughters and their embodiment of her values in providing healthcare for future generations.  I have benefited greatly from Pam’s tutelage and support.  A College Coin would be a wonderful acknowledgement of her contribution to family medicine in BC.”

  • Dr. Paul Stent

    Dr. Paul Stent is “a remarkable man and a family physician who has delivered more than 28 years of service in the community of Fort St. James.”

    Over the past six years, he has worked tirelessly with his team to create a true Patient Medical Home in the community. The result is a care model that improved access, improved care, created sustainability and improved provider experience.

  • Dr. Frederick W. Steyn

    Dr. Frederick W. (Fritz) Steyn is nominated for the “exceptional work he is doing day-to-day in the community of Fort St. James.” Over the past three years, he has worked tirelessly with his team to create a true Patient Medical Home in the community. The result is a care model that improved access, improved care, created sustainability and improved provider experience.

  • Dr. Jacobus Strydom

    In addition to his busy family practice, Dr. Strydom’s contribution to family medicine in Terrace includes serving as Lead Physician on the Management team at the clinic. He works in the Women’s Wellness Clinic and as part of the Psychiatry rotation, as well as caring for inpatients and long-term care residents and supporting many charities and boards in the community.

  • Dr. Taylor Swanson

    “Taylor Swanson, for his kindness, humility and support, of both patients and colleagues. Taylor works hard to provide excellent care in the hospital, clinic, local high school and also mentors and acts as Faculty for our local residency program. He is also a caring father, partner and active community member, and always has an ear to support others when needed.”

  • Dr. Shirley Sze

    “She has been the Kamloops residency program faculty development rep for years. She is passionate about CPD and has served as the Chair of the Doctor’s of BC CPD Nucleus Committee, and on several CPD conference planning committees…  She also has served since the beginning on the TCMP editorial board. She has been trying to retire for a few years but wears so many hats, giving them all away has been difficult and she has not been able to retire.”

  • Dr. Marria Townsend

    Dr. Marria Townsend “made time to lend a friendly ear to discuss a case or decompress after a challenging event. In her professional role, she has been a leader, advocate and educator to increase emotionally and physically safe medical care for transgender people across our province.”

  • Dr. Jennifer Tranmer

    “She is a dedicated family doctor who is inspired to elevate family practice, set examples to learners (both residents and medical students) of how to provide excellent, comprehensive family focused care. She is the first to help out colleagues if they are in a bind. She is politically active in attempts to let our society know we, the family physicians, our patients and most importantly those people who do not have family doctors are important and need support! She balances personal and professional life with grace and is a role model for those of us who are privileged enough to know her.”

  • Dr. Catherine Truong

    Dr. Catherine Truong works as an ER Physician at Delta Hospital. In the early days of the “Overdose Crisis” she was on duty the night 11 victims from a single party arrived in the ER. Not only did all of these young patients survive, all were also connected to follow up support.

  • Dr. Linda Uyeda

    Dr. Linda Uyeda’s nominee notes that Dr. Uyeda deserves to be celebrated and reinforced as a hero for our community for the advocacy work that she does to “move the needle in our primary care system.” Her work includes visits to elementary and high-schools (often on volunteer basis) to educate students about trauma-informed leadership, the neuropsychiatry of anxiety, mindfulness, and parenting. “I feel Dr Uyeda She has the causal and system perspective down for where the greatest leverage for the development of the our ideal of ‘self-healing communities’.  She spends much of her time working with youth in the justice system.  She has survived traumatic assaults from unstable patients and yet, persevered with compassion and intelligence.  She continues to educate us, her peers about adverse childhood experiences.”

  • Dr. Louise Van Zyl

    “She is one of the hardest working physicians I had ever met. Between working a busy full time practice, plus walk in clinics on almost every weekend and most evenings, she is 110% committed to the practice of medicine. She has also demonstrated such generosity in helping me transition to practicing in BC from Saskatchewan, when I never had met her prior to moving here. She is also always committed to medical education, and helps with teaching medical students, is always attending multiple conferences and CME courses, and always puts her patients and their care first. As I run a solo practice, she has offered to help cover me when needed, and I can always count on her for advice. I’m truly grateful to have such a wonderful and hardworking colleague, who continually goes above and beyond for her patients and for helping out the community. She is deserving of this recognition.”

  • Dr. Marile Van Zyl

    Dr. Marile Van Zyl is nominated for the “exceptional work she is doing day-to-day in the community of Fort St. James.” She has worked tirelessly with her team over the past five years to create a true Patient Medical Home in the community. The result is a care model that improved access, improved care, created sustainability and improved provider experience.

  • Dr. Pieter Van Zyl

    Dr. Pieter Van Zyl is nominated for the “exceptional work he is doing day-to-day in the community of Fort St. James.”  He has worked tirelessly with his team over the past five years to create a true Patient Medical Home in the community. The result is a care model that improved access, improved care, created sustainability and improved provider experience.

  • Dr. Murali Venkataraman

    Beyond serving the local community in Summerland for close to 30 years, Dr. Venkataraman was instrumental in the creation and development of the local Division of Family Practice.  In addition to his office practice, he provides anesthesia services.  As a preceptor for family practice residents, he is a role model for comprehensive compassionate care of his patients as well as serving on faculty for the Okanagan South residency program.


  • Dr. Dianne Vosloo

    “Dianne has worked tirelessly over many years (often the last to leave our clinic in the evening) to serve our student population at the SFU Health and Counselling Services…  including many of the marginalized patients (trans patients, refugees, etc.)… Through her own practise of relentless reading and specialist consultation, she has developed an expertise in these areas.”

  • Dr. Jean Warneboldt

    “She is an excellent physician, with all round skills of communication, innovation and dedication. She has worked as a hospitalist and palliative care physician and developed protocols for delirium for patients being seen in acute settings. She is involved in teaching and research in her practice area, directed towards improving the lives of older frail patients, and physician wellness as exemplified by the MD’s4 Wellness project in Fraser Northwest.”

  • Dr. Arthur Willms

    Dr. Willms is described as “the epitome of what a great family physician should be.” He has devoted more than 40 years of his life to the provision of primary care. As well as practising full-service family medicine, he heads the Family Practice Department at Surrey Memorial Hospital and was instrumental in establishing the first residency program for family medicine in Surrey/Langley. In addition, Dr. Willms initiated a hospitalist program in Surrey and a quality program for the care of long-term care residents.

  • Dr. Sandra Witherspoon

    Dr. Witherspoon worked as a family physician at the REACH CHC for more than 40 years, and was a tireless advocate for and completely dedicated to her patients. She had a special interest in patients with FAS and attended many meetings at Sunny Hill to advocate for these patients. She was a caring and competent mentor for many St. Paul’s Hospital family practice residents, and a role model for many family physicians who worked at REACH. Dr. Witherspoon was also an advocate of community health centres and worked hard to ensure that the model of care at REACH continued despite many challenges during her 40+ years of service.

  • Dr. Thomas S. H. Wong

    Dr. Thomas S.H. Wong is nominated for his long career as a “patient, kind and dedicated family doctor” who works well with colleagues, taking the time to understand each one’s opinions and concerns.

  • Dr. Karina Zeidler

    “She is a full-service family doctor who has a special focus on gender affirming care. She provides transgender care (in fee for service) as well as primary care to 100’s of East Van people. She teaches other family docs how to provide gender affirming care, and trans care. I could go on and on about her, happy to do so!”