After an open call for proposals ending February 21, the Foundation for Advancing Family Medicine (FAMF) have received a higher than expected number of applications for the Workplace Integrated Demonstration Projects Grant (WID) and are seeking additional reviewers to help with the selection process.

The grants will be awarded to proposals that focus on the establishment or optimization of practice-based interprofessional teams and the provision of training.

Here is the relevant information and timeline:

  • Proposals are currently being screened for completeness. FAMF will assess reviewers’ conflicts of interest as they confirm their participation
  • Proposals will be distributed to reviewers during the week of February 27
  • A Reviewer Guide will also be distributed
  • The adjudication meeting will take place virtually on March 28, 7am-2pm PST. You will have the option to schedule your participation during the adjudication meeting, at which time FAMF will review the applications you have been responsible for. Only reviewers whose applications score within the parameters of the cohort discussed at the meeting will need to participate.
  • Proposals are approximately 3500 words in length, making for a relatively fast read
  • FAMF will provide a $100 honorarium for all reviewers

Please direct any questions and expressions of interest to Claudia Zuccato Ria, FAFM Executive Director. 

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