On October 31, 2022, the Longitudinal Family Physician Payment (LFP) Model was announced. The new payment model promises to provide more equitable remuneration for family physicians and better recognition of the value of longitudinal, relationship-based care.

On February 1, 2023, family physicians in BC who choose to move to the Longitudinal Family Physician (LFP) Payment Model will be able to start billing under a new portal.

For increased visibility, we’re sharing a timeline of key dates and relevant information for family physicians put together by Doctors of BC and BC Family Doctors.


Late January:

  • Registration opens January 20. Family physicians should confirm whether they meet the eligibility requirements (pages 1-2) and review instructions on how to register for the LFP Payment Model portal.
  • Enrollment in the LFP Payment Model signals the commitment to provide services and be compensated under this model. Once enrolled, family physicians will no longer be able to bill under fee-for-service for those services covered by the LFP Payment Model. By enrolling, physicians will also be confirming that they meet all the eligibility criteria.

February 1:

  • Physicians who choose to do so can start billing under the new LFP Payment Mode.
  • February 1, 2023 is not a deadline for registration. It is the earliest date that a physician can start billing under the LFP Payment Model. Due to processing time, physicians should enroll a minimum of five business days before  starting to bill under the model.

Post-February 1:

  • Watch for information on how locums can bill under the payment model.
  • Expansion of the payment model to maternity, in-hospital, and long-term care (mid-2023).

By July 1:

  • Physicians to submit a list of active patients on their patient panel.

For more information, visit the LFP Payment Model section of the Doctors of BC or BC Family Doctors websites (login required). Or, email LFP.billing@doctorsofbc.ca

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