The College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC)’s Patient’s Medical Home (PMH) 2019 vision is now available.

The PMH 2019 positions family practices to respond to the evolving needs of Canadian communities—through collaboration, accessibility, continuity, and social accountability. The new vision builds on the original PMH goals, formulated in 2011, to respond to current health care demands.

Key updates in the PMH 2019 vision include:

  • A heightened importance of social accountability to ensure family practice addresses the factors that influence the health of patients such as lifestyle, socioeconomic status, gender, culture, race, and environment
  • An emphasis on increased connectedness through technology and communication to support seamless and cohesive patient care across different settings, across the community and health care system
  • A focus on providing a broad range of services offered by a well-connected interprofessional team, featuring family physician leadership

To read or download the new vision document, visit our PMH resource page.

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