The government’s recent efforts to address some of the issues facing family medicine graduates shows that they get the magnitude of the problems. But in failing to consult with new doctors, they missed the mark. The BCCFP supports BC family medicine graduates in their ask that they be included in developing solutions for the family medicine crisis.

  1. the New to Practice contract must allow for the flexibility paramount to a resident’s transition to independent practice in the First Five Years of Practice.
  2. Ongoing care provided over a patients lifetime must be valued at the same rate as providing episodic care at a UPCC. Equitable payment models must be introduced, along with options, to support various practice structures and community needs.
  3. Most importantly, solutions must enable physicians to provide longitudinal care for all British Columbians. A long term strategy must be outlined and presented to guarantee that longitudinal family practices have sustainable support to maintain care for British Columbians.

Read the full letter, sent by the UBC Family Medicine Lead Residents, here.



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