This spring, we welcomed over 150 UBC medical students who took the opportunity to learn about the experience of being a family physician during our annual Dinner with Docs series.

We held one virtual session in mid-March, followed by three in-person events in April; one in Kelowna and two in Vancouver. Questions ranged from: the difference between rural and urban practices and what life is like for physicians with children, to the new LFP payment model and how to decide if family medicine is for you.

Thank you to all of the incredible family physicians who volunteered their time to share their experience with the next generation of family physicians:

  • Katherine Bell
  • Laura Birdsell
  • Johnny Chang
  • Riley Davidson
  • Marjorie Docherty
  • Fahreen Dossa
  • Kalen Geddes
  • Hira Gill
  • Jason Kason
  • George Ko
  • Taran Main
  • Amy McInerney
  • Adrian Morris
  • Devyn Parsons
  • Jennifer Parsons
  • Mike Purdon
  • Julia Ridley
  • Justine Spencer
  • Gordon Stahl
  • Omesh Syal
  • Sarah Tranquilli-Doherty
  • Lizanne Ventor
  • Serena Verma
  • Vincent Wong
  • Angie Xiong

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