…from the Family Practice Oncology Network

To help patients get the information they need in simple, easy to understand language, the BC Cancer Agency (BCCA) is working on producing a patient-friendly pathology report companion. The idea is that physicians and patients will still have the standard scientific synoptic pathology report and at the same time a companion information piece that explains the pathology report in easy to understand, non-technical terms.

In our early research about the patient journey BCCA heard from both patients and doctors that this would be a welcome thing. Physicians said it would help them understand the complex terms and then walk through the pathology report more confidently with their patients. Patients said they’d appreciate something they can take home to review the pathology report with family and friends and as a reference guide along their treatment journey.

BCCA is in the early stage of designing the patient-friendly pathology report companion. An important input into the design is the experience of family physicians when they have to tell a patient they have cancer. Answers to the questions below would help us immensely. To keep it simple, we have a quick, anonymous survey at


Also, if any of you are open to a phone call to share your thoughts, please let us know and we will call at your convenience. If you prefer to send an email, please feel free to do so: hhorlock@phsa.ca.

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