The BCCFP’s annual Leaders Dinner brings together new, seasoned, and future family medicine leaders for an evening of connection and celebration.

This year’s event took place on May 10 in Vancouver, where Dr. Elder Roberta Price shared a welcome address and BCCFP Indigenous Physician Lead Dr. Rebekah Eatmon delivered an inspiring talk on the unique views of leadership from an Indigenous physician’s perspective.

Dr. Eatmon’s talk started out by sharing an insight into her upbringing, the history of Indigenous matriarchies and how these come together to shape her ways of thinking as an Indigenous woman and physician.

She then explored The Principle of Seven Generations – an ancient Iroquois teaching – and challenged everyone to consider how they are impacting the future seven generations of family physicians. She asked: “What are you thankful for that your ancestors have taught you? What lessons will you pass on to family/mentees/learners?”

We also recognized all of the incredible 2023 BBCFP Award Recipients including Dr. Jennifer Lush as BC Family Physician of the Year and Dr. Bradley Little who received the First Five Years of Practice Award.

It was an evening filled with gratitude for all that’s been achieved, and hope for the future of family medicine here in BC.

Dr. Elder Roberta Price

Dr. Rebekah Eatmon

(L-R) Dr. Mason, Dr. Monro, Dr. Little, Dr. Lush, Dr. Craven, Dr. Roberts, Dr. Seper, Dr. Cook.

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