Family physicians are highly trained specialists with a unique and irreplaceable skillset. This is true no matter their practice setting.

The BCCFP and BC Family Doctors are coming together to let colleagues know family physicians are specialists and unique health care professionals with accredited, evidence-based family medicine education and training. Join us!

Here’s how family physicians can spread the word

1. State that you’re a specialist
When filling in a form like this one (right) where you’re asked whether you’re a general practitioner or specialist, don’t be shy! Check “specialist” and write in your preferred terminology, whether that’s “specialist in family medicine”, “specialist in whole-person care”, or something else you believe best represents your profession.

If you are in a meeting with health care stakeholders and hear the term “general practitioner” used to refer to family physicians, speak up! Explain that family physicians are skilled specialists with an average of 11 years of training before entering the profession. Family physicians are not only qualified to practise general medicine but have a defined focus on relationship-based, comprehensive, longitudinal care. Certification in the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CCFP) is a special designation that lets patients know they are in qualified hands.

We’ve created this one-pager to support your discussion.

2. Let us know when you see the use of “GP” or misuse of “family practice/medicine”
If you come across the use of “general practitioner” or the incorrect use of “family medicine/practice/physician” on British Columbia-specific websites and documents, or at events, please let us know. This includes instances where other health professionals are incorrectly claiming to practice family medicine. We’ll reach out to advise on the correct terminology and why it matters.

If you come across incorrect term usage within your own Division of Family Practice, consider reaching out to the Division directly.

Join us in letting colleagues know that family medicine is a specialty.

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