My-family-Doc-Award“Quite simply, if there were a Doctor-Patient Relationship Olympics, my family doctor would be bringing home another gold for Canada.  My family physician is a dedicated, committed and interested family physician. He has made a significant impact in my life, being the lead in a team that helps me maintain health excellence, in spite of multiple chronic conditions (diabetes, heart disease, thyroid condition).  He has given me confidence and inspired me to continue self-management of my health conditions, while monitoring, guiding and supporting me.  My doctor trusts me and therefore, I trust him.  We work in tandem to address my challenges and he insists that I not only seek improvement, but that I also celebrate my incremental, sometimes barely measurable successes.  It is a careful balance a doctor must walk to hold patients like me accountable for progress, yet refrain from blame when, for example, a blood test returns imperfect, less-than-desired results.  I always feel like my doctor reinforces my efforts and that he really does “”get me.””  Together, we push me for improvement, but I am never ashamed or embarrassed to review how I am doing.  He is patient, compassionate, and good-humoured, yes.  But he is also comfortable with confronting me, making me think and pushing me in a direction of wellness.”

Mrs. Witt and Dr. McCallum were written up in the Salmon Arm Observer.

The BCCFP “My Family Doctor” award honours and celebrates the doctor-patient relationship, which is central to good health care and known to help improve patient satisfaction and health outcomes.  Patients were asked to nominate their family physicians by sharing a story on the impact they have made in their lives or that of a family member.  Almost 200 nominations were received.

If you value your relationship with your family doctor and want to recognize them for the impact they’ve made in your life or that of a family member, the BCCFP wants to hear your story. Nominations are being accepted until March 31, 2015.  The award will be given out in June 2015 BCCFP Family Medicine Conference. Both doctor and patient involved in the winning submission will receive paid travel to attend the event in Vancouver, and will be recognized in their local media.

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