The Testosterone Testing Protocol summarizes the appropriate use of serum testosterone testing in men and women aged ≥19 years. It is an updated version of Testosterone Testing – Protocol (2011). Key updates to the protocol include:

  • New sections: Key Recommendations, Indications for Referral, and Hypogonadism Investigation Algorithm
  • Recommendation that patients fast, use the same lab for initial and follow-up tests, and test when the sleep-wake cycle is stable
  • Approximate lower limits of normal for men <30 years and >50 years
  • Separate guidance for initial and follow up (monitoring) testosterone tests

Peer review is a critical component of the guideline development process. BC health care professionals and relevant stakeholders are invited to participate as external reviewers for the draft version of these guidelines.

Please visit the BC Guidelines External Review page to download the draft guidelines and submit your feedback via our new online questionnaires. For more information, visit

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