As the year draws to a close, this is the perfect time to recognize a colleague who has inspired you, supported their community or achieved something amazing this year.

It only takes a simple email to nominate someone for our College Coin or Exceptional Teacher Honour. Email to tell us why your colleague deserves recognition.

PRIZE DRAW: Since you’re taking the time to brighten someone’s day with a nomination, we want to celebrate you too! We will draw three names from the recipients and nominators to receive gift baskets in December. 

To be eligible for the prize draw, please nominate by Tuesday, December 1.

Reasons to nominate someone for a College Coin

The College Coin honours the many informal leaders and unsung heroes of family medicine across BC. Reasons your colleague could deserve this award include:

  • Being a trusted advisor and friend to practice colleagues
  • Leading activities outside of clinical practice that support family medicine
  • Serving as a role model for residents and medical students
  • Providing leadership in continuing professional development
  • Being a strong advocate for evidence-based care
  • Working with the practice team to create a Patient’s Medical Home
  • Demonstrating service and dedication to patients during a long career in family medicine
  • Covering call while a colleague is away for a family emergency or other unexpected reason
  • Anything else that represents “good work” in family medicine.

Reasons to nominate someone for the Exceptional Teacher Honour

Nominate a family physician who has demonstrated any of the following:

  • Dedication to sharing their knowledge with residents, medical students and colleagues
  • Strong mentorship
  • Commitment to community-based education
  • Inspires others to enter family medicine.

BCCFP members are eligible for eligible for these honours. Read more about all of our awards here.

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