Two new cancer-care clinical practice guidelines are available on the Family Practice Oncology Network (FPON) website: Upper Gastrointestinal Cancer (Suspected) – Parts 1 and 2. Part 1 focuses on cancers of the esophagus and stomach, while Part 2 includes cancers of the duodenum, pancreas and extrahepatic biliary tract.

The FPON working group developed the guidelines using a systematic guideline adaptation approach. The recommendations were adapted from the BCCA Gastrointestinal Cancer clinical practice guidelines, and were developed in their final form based on the review and evaluation of clinical evidence published since the BCCA guideline recommendations were developed, as well as expert clinical opinion and external peer review. The working group included practicing family physicians as well as specialists from oncology, gastroenterology, and general surgery.

A summary of the guideline adaptation process, the external review results, and the guideline development process is available from the FPON office. These and other guidelines, oncology resources, and information on training opportunities are available on the FPON website at


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