In spring of 2019, Health Canada established the Canadian Pain Task Force (CPTF) to recommend an improved approach to pain care, education, research and data monitoring in Canada.

As part of its mandate, the Task Force has launched a public consultation to learn more about the issues, needs, and priorities that matter most to Canadians in order to improve how pain is understood and managed in our country.

The consultation is open to anyone with an interest in pain, including people living with pain, caregivers, health care providers, researchers, policy makers and the general public. The input received from this public consultation will help inform the Task Force’s second report to Health Canada in June 2020, which will outline elements of an improved approach to pain in Canada.

The consultation includes questions on barriers to addressing pain, ways to better understand, prevent and manage chronic pain, and informing and improving Canada’s approach to pain. It should take approximately 15 to 30 minutes to complete and respondents have the option to save their progress and return to the survey at any time before the closing date. The consultation is available from February 27 until April 17, 2020 and can be accessed at

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