This year’s AGM was an opportunity to launch our new Wholehearted Care video, celebrating the power of family physicians and the unique value they bring to the health care system.

We received an unprecedented number of nominations for this year’s Family Doctor awards, with more than 350 British Columbians writing to share how their lives would not be the same without their family doctor. In an effort to share some of the admiration and appreciation that patients have expressed, we partnered with Vancouver-based spoken word artist, Julia Pileggi. Then we asked our members to share glimpses of their day to day life as family doctors in BC.

The resulting video – based on the hundreds of patient testimonials that we have received over the past three years of the My Family Doctor award program – is an ode to the wholehearted care that family physicians provide their patients, each and every day. Thank you to everyone who took the time to submit a photo!

Spread the love by sharing the video link with your friends and colleagues. Wholehearted Care on Vimeo

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