The BCCFP has launched My Family Doctor Cares – a campaign bringing attention to the value of a long-term relationship with a family doctor, and the difficulty that close to 700,000 British Columbians are having in finding a family doctor.

As the organization representing the comprehensive voice of family physicians in BC, the BCCFP understands the experience of being a family physician and is working to support our members in advocating for sustainable, patient-centred care. My Family Doctor Cares calls for more value to be placed on longitudinal care and better support to help family doctors provide the care that patients deserve.

Why did BCCFP launch this campaign?
Research polling conducted by the BCCFP shows that the public values the role family physicians play in their overall health. However, our member polling shows that family physicians in BC feel there is a lack of recognition by government for the foundational work they do as specialists in family medicine. Our members told us they don’t believe that the government understands the current experience of being a family physician in BC – the increasing complexity of care and the burden of non-clinical work – which take time away from delivering patient care.

The Ministry of Health’s push to open an increasing number of Urgent Primary Care Centres is further evidence that the direction government is taking is not in the best interests of family physicians or patients.

My Family Doctor Cares lets the public know that BC family physicians are advocating for more BC residents to have access to an ongoing relationship with a family doctor. We believe that government needs to better value the work family doctors do and through our campaign, are inviting government to begin a conversation that includes patients and family physicians on how to best meet the needs of British Columbians.

There may be enough family doctors in BC, but they are not working in longitudinal family practice. This has created a lack of access for approximately 700,000 unattached patients and is putting undue pressure on the many family physicians providing longitudinal care. While we need family physicians in hospitals, walk-in clinics and urgent care centres, this should not be at the expense of British Columbians having access to an ongoing relationship with a family doctor who knows them and can provide continuous care.

What does the campaign include?

  • MyFamilyDoctorCares.caprovides information about the campaign and the reasons that the BCCFP has undertaken to inform the public and government about the importance of an ongoing relationship with a family doctor in improving patient health outcomes.
  • A 30-second TV Public Service Announcement (PSA) (also posted above) will air provincially on Global Television, CTV and CHEK TV, primarily during news programming. The PSA will be in market from mid-January to mid-April. A 15-second version of the PSA, plus other digital advertising, will run online on major news platforms over the next few months.
  • The BCCFP has scheduled a day at the legislature, tentatively booked for May 25, 2020, to share information with MLAs on the important role that family physicians play in health care delivery and how valuing family doctors can improve patient health.
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