Advocacy toolkit available to help you advocate on behalf of increased support for family medicine

One of the most impactful ways for you to get involved is to engage with your MLA and share your experience as a family doctor working in BC. The BCCFP is encouraging members to:

  1. Meet with your MLA. Contact your MLA and ask to meet with them prior to May 19. Tell them what it is really like to be a family doctor in your community and talk to them about what their constituents stand to lose if family medicine is not supported.
  2. Email your MLA. If you aren’t able to meet, email your MLA and ask them to attend the BCCFP breakfast meeting with legislators on May 19 in Victoria.
  3. Join us in Victoria on May 19. Family doctors are invited to join the BCCFP at the breakfast meeting with MLAs on May 19 at 8 am in Victoria.

To further support you, we have developed an advocacy toolkit, which includes:

  • Detailed instructions on the above advocacy actions, as well as other ways for you to get involved.
  • Key talking points to help inform and align your conversations with the public and your elected officials. These talking points include our new research findings and key messages, as well as points to help communicate solutions for the future of family medicine.

For the full advocacy toolkit, including campaign talking points, please visit our campaign advocacy page:

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