As the 2021/22 year culminates, we are taking a look back at the work that the BCCFP and our members have achieved over the past year.


Members are invited to register for our Annual General Meeting (AGM), which takes place via videoconference on November 24, 2022 at 6:00 pm.

Immediately following the AGM, attendees are invited to listen to keynote speaker, Dr. Sarah Smith. As a rural physician and practice coach, Dr. Smith will present Practical tips for sustainable family medicine: As a family physician, you save lives, but do you have one? What if it was possible to provide care to our patients and get home with today’s work done? Let’s challenge the frustrations of our clinical day and see what else could be possible.

Annual Report

Also available is our 21/22 Annual Report, which shines a light on the tireless work of family physicians from across the province who stood up to advocate for their profession, their patients, and the almost 1 million British Columbians who don’t have a family doctor. Read more: 2021-2022-Annual-Report-Final.pdf (

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