• Dr. Vincent Wong – President

    Dr. Vincent Wong – President

    (term ending 2024) Dr. Vincent Wong is a family physician practicing in the Lower Mainland and is passionate about medical education, health systems, and interprofessional collaboration.

    As BCCFP President, Dr. Wong hopes to support colleagues to recognize and demonstrate the value of family medicine in their work, as well as collaborate with other health care organizations and partners to allow for quality primary care to be delivered by our family physicians to British Columbians.

    He completed his Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, Doctor of Medicine, Family Medicine Residency, and Master of Health Administration degrees at UBC, and is working towards a Master of Health Professions Education through Maastricht University.  He regularly precepts residents and medical students at the UBC Health Clinic and is currently serving as both the Assessment Co-Lead (Portfolio Director) for the UBC Family Practice Residency program and the Co-Site Director for the Vancouver-Fraser site of the program.

    Dr. Wong previously served as Secretary and Vice-President for the BCCFP, and has held other leadership positions in the FNW Division of Family Practice and Resident Doctors of BC.

  • Dr. Katherine Bell – Vice President

    Dr. Katherine Bell – Vice President

    (term ending 2024) Dr. Katherine Bell is a family physician with a full-time locum practice on Vancouver Island and a special interest in palliative care and research.

    She previously practiced on Prince Edward Island, where she was recognized for her advocacy work and served as a former executive member of the PEI provincial CFPC chapter.

    Dr. Bell brings experience in working with provincial governments and health authorities in advocacy and policy development roles. Elected to the BCCFP Board in 2019, Dr. Bell brings the perspective of a full-time locum and she is looking forward continuing her work with the BCCFP to uphold and promote family medicine and its core values.

  • Dr. Johnny Chang - Treasurer

    Dr. Johnny Chang - Treasurer

    (term ending 2024) Dr. Johnny Chang is a full scope family physician in Creston, BC in the Kootenay region and completed his residency training at St. Paul’s Hospital, Vancouver. Dr. Chang remains as a faculty member of UBC, continuing his work with family medicine residents at the St. Paul’s site.

    Dr Chang is a member of the St. Paul’s Family Medicine Advisory Committee and works in the Recruit, Retain, and Retirement Committee in Creston. The committee helps to bring more family physicians to rural communities and navigate the challenges of providing comprehensive, longitudinal medicine through local, grassroots solutions.

    With experience in both urban training and rural practice, Dr. Chang is passionate about advocating for the sustainability of comprehensive family practice in both rural and urban BC.

  • Dr. Serena Verma - Secretary

    Dr. Serena Verma - Secretary

    (term ending 2024) Dr. Serena Verma has been a family physician in BC for over a decade. She is inspired by the care, advocacy, and adaptability of family physicians across the province. Dr. Verma has worked with the Divisions of Family Practice, UBC/CPD, Doctors of BC and the UBC Family Practice Program.

    These experiences, including those gained from working in both a full-service family practice and an alternatively funded clinic, have enhanced her skill set. Dr. Verma is fascinated by the many innovations in family medicine.

    As a BCCFP Board member, she hopes to advocate and work towards addressing the challenges faced by family physicians.

  • Dr. Justine Spencer – Past President

    Dr. Justine Spencer – Past President

    (term ending 2024) Dr. Justine Spencer is a full-service family physician practising in East Vancouver (Coast Salish territories), including maternity care. She completed both medical school and family medicine residency at UBC.

    In her final year of family practice residency, she served as the chief-resident (now called Lead Resident). Following this, she was BC’s representative for the CFPC’s First Five Years of Practice Committee. She been a part of the BCCFP for the past 6 years, first as Resident Representative, then as First Five Years of Practice Representative, then as an elected board member.

    Dr Spencer is passionate about family medicine and the work that the BCCFP is doing to move family medicine forward.

  • Dr. Ana Boskovic

    Dr. Ana Boskovic

    (term ending 2026) Dr. Ana Boskovic is a family physician from Vancouver who graduated from the University of British Columbia (UBC) with a Bachelor of Kinesiology, before completing medical school and residency at UBC.

    Dr. Boskovic recently completed her Family Medicine residency at UBC’s Coastal training site on the North Shore, and served as the Program Lead Resident (formerly Chief Resident) for the 2021-22 academic year. Her early practice includes general practice locums across the province, and primary care obstetrics.

    New to the BCCFP Board in 2022, Dr. Boskovic hopes to bring forward the perspective of those physicians who are new to practice, in addition to how to support learners in medical school and residency training.

  • Dr. Preveena Dharmaraj

    Dr. Preveena Dharmaraj

    (term ending 2024) Dr. Preveena Dharmaraj is a family physician in Vancouver. She graduated from McMaster University with an Honours Bachelor of Science and worked in mood and eating disorders research at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto before completing medical school at Queen’s University and residency in the St. Paul’s Family Medicine program at UBC.

    Dr. Dharmaraj’s current practice includes a mix of maternity care, general Family Medicine, Indigenous health and Urgent Care. She is a strong believer in the positive impact of longitudinal care and has a special interest in advocating for racialized populations in women’s health and obstetrics.

    As a physician in her first five years of practice, Dr. Dharmaraj brings a fresh perspective and understanding of the challenges faced by new graduates and how to better support them.

  • Dr. Paul Dhillon

    Dr. Paul Dhillon

    (term ending 2024) Dr. Paul Dhillon is a rural family physician in Sechelt, BC. After completing medical school and post-graduate training in Ireland and Europe, Dr. Dhillon returned to Canada to complete his residency. He began practicing full-scope rural medicine in Saskatchewan before returning to BC.

    In addition to his clinical work in Coastal and Fraser Health, Dr. Dhillon is a passionate educator, teaching residence across the country as co-founder of the Review Course in Family Medicine.

    He is also the author of The Surprising Lives of Small Town Doctors, published by the University of Regina Press. Dr. Dhillon is also a Reservist Medical Officer and Captain with 12 Field Ambulance, Canadian Armed Forces. He is married to his Irish wife, Sarah, and is most proud of the drill and parade skills of his two sons, Darragh and Ruairí.

  • Dr. Marjorie Docherty

    Dr. Marjorie Docherty

    (term ending 2025) Dr. Marjorie Docherty started her career as a full service family physician in Slave Lake, Alberta serving remote communities covering everything from Medivacs to the occasional veterinary medicine!

    She began practicing in Kelowna, BC in 1988 working as a full-service family physician, having only recently given up her Obstetrics practice. Dr. Docherty is a clinical professor in the Department of Family Medicine at UBC and lead faculty at the Southern Medical Program in Kelowna for years 1-3 family medicine students.

    She loves to support rural preceptors and facilitates the education of students in smaller communities; demonstrating the benefits of a career in family medicine.

    Dr. Doherty is passionate about physician health and mental health and has received several awards including the Dr. David M. Bachop Gold Medal for distinguished medical service from Doctors of BC. She has served as President for the CPSBC and the BCCFP.

  • Dr. Katrin Lovett

    Dr. Katrin Lovett

    (term ending 2024) Dr. Katrin Lovett is a family physician in Vancouver. She completed medical school at UBC and residency at McMaster University.

    In her 11 years of practise, Dr. Lovett has been privileged to provide comprehensive, longitudinal care to patients of all ages and backgrounds. She especially enjoys the hands-on parts of the job, and recently begun offering a more targeted service of minor office procedures, as well as being medical director of a primary care clinic.  She remains passionate about primary care and believes that healthy, supported family physicians are the foundation of a sustainable healthcare system.

    In addition to her clinical work, Dr. Lovett  is a preceptor for the UBC family medicine residency program and an examiner for the SOO component of the CFPC certification examination. She has an interest in healthcare technology and how it can be used to optimize patient care and improve physician support.

  • Dr. Jennifer Lush

    Dr. Jennifer Lush

    (term ending 2026) Dr. Jennifer Lush feels immensely privileged to have worked as a family physician in rural towns and cities across BC, Alberta and Australia, doing locum work, obstetrics, rural emergency room coverage and longitudinal community family practice.  She has been in her current practice in Victoria since 2016.  Jennifer is clinical faculty for the Island Medical Program and UBC Family Medicine residency program and finds teaching rewarding.

    She has been involved in grassroots advocacy work, using mainstream and social media as a platform to highlight the critical importance of family physicians, and the barriers being faced by those seeking to deliver that care, and networked with political representatives and official doctors’ organizations, seeking to unify the voices of public and physicians in seeking improvements to BC’s healthcare system.

    Dr. Lush continues to believe that the unique relationship-based care of community family physicians needs to be championed in this province and across Canada, and looks forward to working with other board members within the BCCFP to achieve that aim.

  • Dr. Romina Moradi

    Dr. Romina Moradi

    (term ending 2026) Dr. Romina Moradi is a Family Physician in Vancouver. She graduated from Wroclaw Medical University in Poland and completed her Family Medicine residency at the University of British Columbia (UBC), where she served as the IMG Program Lead Resident for the 2021-22 academic year.

    Dr. Moradi provides longitudinal care to mostly immigrants and marginalized populations in East Vancouver.  In 2022 she was awarded the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) Award of Excellence.

    Dr. Moradi additionally has a special interest in skin cancers and diseases – and proudly helps patients across British Columbia for their various skin concerns.

    In her spare time, Dr. Moradi helps support the International Medical Graduates (IMG) at UBC in her role as Faculty Lead for the IMG Orientation. She additionally serves as a clinic instructor for the Department of Family Practice.

    Dr. Moradi is passionate about continued advocacies for the sustainability of Family Medicine – as well as honouring the various scopes of important work that Family Physicians do.

  • Dr. Sarah Tranquilli-Doherty

    Dr. Sarah Tranquilli-Doherty

    (term ending 2025) Dr. Sarah Tranquilli-Doherty is originally from Ottawa and studied medicine at the University of Ottawa in the volet francophone.

    She completed family medicine residency at St Paul’s Hospital (SPH) and has been working in Vancouver since 2017. In addition to full scope primary care, Dr. Tranquilli-Doherty provides addictions and intrapartum maternity care at B.C. Women’s Hospital and acute inpatient medicine on the Urban Health Unit at SPH.

    She has a certification in Addiction Medicine from the International Society of Addiction Medicine (ISAM). Dr. Tranquilli-Doherty loves teaching and is an associate clinical professor with UBC. She proudly connects with patients in both French and English.