• Dr. Jeanette Boyd - President

    Jeanette Boyd
    (term ending 2021)

    Dr. Jeanette Boyd is proud to call herself a rural generalist, providing full-service family practice, including maternity care, to the community of Nelson. A BCCFP Director for ten years, she also has roles with the Rural Coordination Centre of BC, the GPSC Maternity Working Group, Perinatal Services BC, and the College of Family Physicians of Canada.  She believes in the importance of developing relationships, ensuring consistency, and building consensus to bring about meaningful change.  As President of the BCCFP, she has gained experience in nurturing relationships and consensus building with provincial and national health organizations. Going forward, she sees the College’s potential as a catalyst for change in primary care, and she is inspired by our bold new vision: Healthy People. Thriving Communities. Inspired Family Physicians.

  • Dr. Marjorie Docherty - Vice-President

    (term ending 2022)

    Dr. Docherty has been passionate about teaching and medical education since her graduation from medical school and has received several
    teaching awards. She has been involved in full-service family medicine throughout her career and has been a family physician in Kelowna since 1988. Dr. Docherty has served in
    many roles to promote family medicine, including as codirector of the third-year Rural Family Medicine Program and on the faculty of the Residency Program in Kelowna. She is currently site lead for third-year rural family medicine at the Southern Medical Program. She served as chair of the Physician Health Program.

    Dr. Docherty received the Dr. David M Bachop Gold Award in 2019 for services to medicine. She has been involved with BCCFP since 2013 and is currently the Vice President.

  • Dr. Christine Singh - Treasurer

    (term ending 2021)

    Dr. Christine Singh is a community family physician with more than 15 years’ experience. Dr. Singh has experience working with marginalized populations, including aboriginal people, high-risk youth, and patients with concurrent disorders. She currently working in Student Health and at a clinic for Indigenous people, as well as practicing addiction medicine. She enjoys working within an interdisciplinary team and has frequent contact with learners. Dr. Singh also has a special interest in the wellness of physicians and learners, and actively engages in measures to promote resilience, interconnection and thriving. She joined the BCCFP Board in 2016 and was re-elected in 2019.

  • Dr. Justine Spencer - Secretary

    (term ending 2021)

    Dr. Justine Spencer is a full-service family physician practising in East Vancouver, including low-risk obstetrics at BC Women’s hospital. Born and raised on Vancouver Island, she completed both medical school and family medicine residency at UBC. Now in her second year of practice, she has a passion for obstetrics, perinatal addictions, family planning, primary care reform, and leadership in medicine. In her final year of family practice residency, she served as the chief-resident for the UBC family medicine program. In her first year of practice she was, and continues to be, BC’s representative for the CFPC’s First Five Years of Practice Committee. Dr. Spencer brings the perspective of a recent graduate to the BCCFP Board, and she will focus on ensuring that the Chapter remains connected to the needs of medical students, family medicine residents, and family physicians in their first five years of practice.

  • Dr. Terri Aldred

    (term ending 2021)

    Dr. Terri Aldred is engaged in full-scope outpatient primary care with Indigenous communities and inner-city youth.  A member of the Tl’Azt’En Nation, her special interests are Indigenous, women’s and adolescent health.She is a family physician for the Carrier Sekani First Nations communities in North Central BC, the Medical Director for the Prince George Foundry Clinic, and the Indigenous Lead for the Rural Coordination Centre of BC. As well as provincial health services delivery, Dr. Aldred is committed to professional leadership in post-graduate medical education, currently serving as Site Director for UBC’s Indigenous Family Medicine Program. Dr. Aldred brings strong advocacy skills and a commitment to social justice to her role on the BCCFP Board. She also offers expertise in Indigenous health, physician health and addressing the social determinants of health.

  • Dr. Katherine Bell

    (term ending 2022)

    Dr. Katherine Bell is a family physician with a full-time locum practice on Vancouver Island and a special interest in palliative care and research. She previously practiced on Prince Edward Island, where she was recognized for her advocacy work and served as a former executive member of the PEI provincial CFPC chapter. Although new to BC, she brings experience in working with provincial governments and health authorities in advocacy and policy development roles. Newly elected to the BCCFP Board in 2019, Dr. Bell brings the perspective of a full-time locum and she is looking forward to the opportunity to work with the BCCFP to uphold and promote family medicine and its core values.

  • Dr. Brenda Hardie

    (term ending 2021)

    Dr. Brenda Hardie is the Medical Director and a co-owner of a large practice in Vancouver. Her team includes family physicians, nurse practitioners and a nutritionist. Before moving to BC, she spent more than 19 years working in rural Northern Ontario. Dr. Hardie brings a wide experience of practice, leadership and teaching to the BCCFP Board. This includes clinical practice and leadership roles in Ontario, as well as leadership experience in both the UBC family medicine residency program and in faculty development. She has also served as a family medicine preceptor since 1993. Over the years, she has developed an understanding of systems-thinking and good governance. Above all, she enjoys being a problem-solver. As a BCCFP board member, Dr. Hardie hopes to bring her passion for evidence-informed and collaborative care built on respectful relationships and social justice.

  • Dr. Dan Horvat

    (term ending 2021)

    Dr. Dan Horvat has been involved with comprehensive, longitudinal family practice in both northern and suburban environments in BC for 26 years. He has also devoted significant effort aimed at understanding how the most effective health care systems internationally have achieved their success. He has applied what he has learned through a range of leadership, governance and administrative roles with the aim of improving rural, primary and shared care health services.  He is currently very involved with primary care network activities.  His current roles include Medical Director, Western Communities with Island Health, Quality Initiatives Lead with the Rural Coordination Center of BC, Clinical Associate Professor with the UBC Department of Family Practice and board member of the Health Data Coalition. Dr. Horvat was elected to the BCCFP Board in 2019.

  • Dr. Paul Mackey

    (term ending 2020)

    Dr. Mackey is an Australian who has practiced as a rural generalist in northern BC for over20 years. He recently relocated to Kamloops and will be doing rural locums in general practice and anesthesia. In 2014 he received a Rural Coordination Centre of BC Rural Physician Mentorship Award and in 2013 a College of Family Physicians of Canada’s 2013 Award of Excellence for contributions to rural family medicine. For my role in teaching chronic disease modules around the province, he received a Canadian Association for Medical Education Certificate of Merit in 2011.  Having worked in Australia, the UK, and Canada, he has a broad view of publicly funded health care and experience on various boards gives him insight into a range of perspectives of family practice physicians as well as other healthcare providers.  He has demonstrated strong advocacy for family practice and provided close mentorship for students and residents and education to fellow physicians.

  • Dr. David May

    (term ending 2022)

    Dr. David May has been a family physician in rural BC for more than 29 years. He has CAC in palliative care and family practice anesthesia and a consulting practice in chronic pain. He is currently the Board Chair of the Powell River Division of Family Practice and the Vancouver Coastal Divisions representative on the GPSC. During his many years of practice, Dr. May has learned the value of a cooperative approach to getting results. He joined the BCCFP Board in 2016 and was re-elected in 2019. In his ongoing work with the BCCFP, he is looking forward to continuing with the BCCFP’s advocacy work to promote the value of the high-quality care that is delivered every day by BC family physicians.

  • Dr. Alicia Pawluk

    (term ending 2022)

    Dr. Alicia Pawluk is a full-service family physician working in Campbell River and a recent graduate from the UBC family medicine program. Her governance experience includes roles as a Clinical Advisor to the British government and Chief Resident at UBC, as well as work with both Doctors of BC and the GPSC. In addition to representing the FFY in practice, she is also a clinical faculty member at UBC. Dr. Pawluk has a passion for engaging family physicians in their first five years of practice. She feels strongly that a concerted effort to engage physicians across the province will have a profound impact on building a community of family practice in BC. She was elected to the BCCFP Board in 2019.

  • Dr. Sean Wachtel

    (term ending 2020)

    Dr. Sean Wachtel is a family physician and public health specialist. He currently works in rural and remote family practice and on health systems and other public health issues for the First Nations Health Authority. As a practicing rural physician, Dr. Wachtel understands the pressures faced by family physicians. As a public health specialist, he is a member of several provincial committees that represent the profession and the First Nations population in conversations with the government and other provincial partners. He has wide experience of governance, policy, primary care and public health research. Dr. Wachtel was elected to the BCCFP Board in 2019.