Help us celebrate the incredible work of family physicians across British Columbia by encouraging nominations for the 2022 BCCFP Awards

To assist you, we have created a toolkit of digital promotional materials available for sharing via your website or social media channels.

Promotional materials are available for both your public audiences (promoting the My Family Doctor Award) and for promoting the peer-nominated awards among your physician audiences.

  • Formatted image posts are available for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • For all images, click on the link, right click on the image and select “Save image as” to download the image.
  • Simply pair the image with post copy and appropriate hashtags (posted below) and post to your social media platform of choice.
  • If you would like promotional content in a format not already provided, please email and we will do our best to create it for you.

Images for Social Media Posts




Copy for Social Media Posts

Appropriate Hashtags for use on FB/Instagram/Twitter posts: #familydoctor #myfamilydoctor #familyphysician #healthcareheros #familydocsrock #ourdocsrock #familymedicine #myfamilydoctorcares #thankyou #bchealthcareheroes

Copy aimed at patients

  • Celebrate the role your family doctor plays in your life! Nominate them today for a My Family Doctor Award at
  • Does your family doctor have a positive impact on you and your community? Nominate them for a My Family Doctor Award at
  • Do you have a family doctor who you would like to celebrate? BCCFP’s My Family Doctor Award provides British Columbians with the opportunity to recognize and honour their family doctors, celebrating the doctor-patient relationship that supports your good health. Nominate your family doctor by March 31, 2022at

Copy aimed at family physicians

BC Family Physician Award:

First Five Years of Practice Award: