Congratulations to the recipients of the 2019 BCCFP awards!

BC Family Physician of the Year
The BC Family Physician of the Year Award recognizes a family physician who provides exemplary care to patients and takes part in activities that contribute to excellence in family medicine.

Dr. Catherine Textor (Prince George)
“Dr. Textor has worked diligently in her 10 years of practice in Prince George to preserve and improve full-service family medicine in the north. Through her work in the Division (Prince George Division of Family Practice) she has led a number of projects in a pursuit to improve medicine in the north. One such project is geared at improving access to psychiatric care in Northern BC… She has also spearheaded the development of a Family Medicine Teaching Unit at the University Hospital of Northern BC.”

My Family Doctor Award
The My Family Doctor Award provides British Columbians with the opportunity to recognize and honour their own family doctors, celebrating the doctor-patient relationship that supports good health. Click to watch a video sharing the thoughts of some of the 240+ patients who nominated their family doctors for the 2019 awards.

Dr. Elizabeth Payne (Fraser Health/Port Coquitlam)
“Dr. Beth Payne is an incredible physician. She treated me first as a human-being and then as a patient… her patience, compassion and understanding went far beyond what I had come to expect from a physician.”

Dr. Steven Broadbent (Interior Health/Kamloops)
“I feel like I have developed a great relationship with him, and I truly trust his medical opinion. He is well connected with the available resources in the community and he values his fellow professionals’ opinions. He is not too proud to ask a specialist for advice.”

Dr. Christopher Collins (Island Health/Nanaimo)
“His active listening skills are impeccable and makes sure he pays attention to your needs while documenting and utilizing the electronic health record. You feel and know that he is in your court and wants to ensure best patient outcomes.  Dr. Collins stays current on all of the latest research and best practice methodologies. I am comforted in knowing that his recommendations are based in evidence-based practice.”

Dr. Marlowe Haskins (Northern Health/Smithers)
“Dr. Haskins feels strongly about the physical, mental, and emotional health of mothers. He started a pre- and post-natal nursing support program through his clinic which provides additional care as well as emotional and physical support to all mothers. They even do house-calls, which is an incredible service when you have a newborn at home! I think it is a wonderful program and the nurses have been kind, lovely, and caring to work with.”

Dr. Margo Sweeny (Vancouver Coastal Health/Vancouver)
“I am fortunate to have been Dr. Sweeny’s patient for over 20 years, and am continually impressed by her knowledge, commitment to her patients, and caring nature… she is a credit to the medical profession. I can only hope that my oldest son, who is now in medical school, becomes a doctor who is as respected and valued as she is.”

First Five Years of Practice Award
The First Five Years of Practice Award recognizes an exceptional family physician in the early stage of their career.

Dr. Aryn Khan (Vanderhoof)
“Aryn has been an inspiration since she arrived here three years newly graduated from U of A. She has been instrumental in developing a suboxone protocol from scratch for our ER and clinic in partnership with our local interprofessional team and has been instrumental in the development of the local high school clinic. She has taken on the lead role in facility engagement and is working a number of projects… as a full-service rural physician, she is an amazing example of what can be done to make the system better for patients and her colleagues.”

Small Changes, Big Difference Award
The Small Changes, Big Difference Award for Quality and Innovation recognizes a BCCFP member (or team) whose work has had a positive impact on practice management or patient care.

Opioid Agonist Treatment (OAT) Force – Surrey-North Delta Division of Family Practice
“I have had the privilege of supporting a number of successful committees and initiatives. Of these, the OAT Force stands out for being innovative, physician-led, and extremely valuable to our community’s physicians and patients who are at the centre of the ongoing opioid crisis…  as a leader in the physician community of Surrey-North Delta I am encouraged by the impact the OAT Force has already had on my community and excited to watch as its reach expands.”

Resident Awards
Resident Leadership Award
The BCCFP Resident Leadership Award is awarded annually to an R2 resident graduating from the UBC Family Practice Residency Program.

Dr. Saima Ali
“Saima has a unique leadership style—she leads by being a friend to us all. Her approachable demeanor and genuine care allow us to share our concerns and have confidence in her words and actions. She focuses on collaboration, taking the time to cultivate trusting relationships with faculty and colleagues to provide a strong foundation for realistic change to which we all aspire. She is committed to transparency, communicating consistently the successes and shortcomings of our work and maintains that honesty with all of her colleagues.”

Dr. Manoo and Jean Gurjar Award, BCCFP Family Medicine Resident Scholarship
Dr. Natalie Chan

“Leadership requires the shouldering of responsibility to improve the success of your community. Some ofthe required characteristics for a leader to achieve this role are commitment, accountability, compassion, and certainly work ethic. Natalie demonstrated each of these to a very strong degree in her role as my mentor over three years in the Peer Mentors in Medical Education (PMME) group, and as a member of the organizational committee.”

Dr. Manoo and Jean Gurjar Award, BCCFP Family Medicine Resident Scholarship
Dr. Vincent Wong
“Dr. Wong has demonstrated the ability to help our physicians in some of their daily challenges but has also worked well with others on a system level to better the community with the ultimate goal of improving patient care. I believe Dr. Wong is a person who will continue to constantly evolve his skills and knowledge to care for patients, to lead a community and to push the field of family medicine in a direction that will lead to the advancement of our community’s health overall.”

Medical Student Scholarships
The BCCFP awards scholarships to two fourth-year medical students entering the UBC Family Practice Residency Program.

Dr. Taran Main
“His enthusiasm and approach to our patients was both thoughtful and empathetic. He always looked for extra opportunities he could spend either in the hospital or the clinic.”

Dr. Ashandeep Sandhu
“She looked for the need in patient care or in ethnic understanding and she tried to find ways to fill that need and increase the knowledge and meaningful interaction of others with minority groups.”