Resident and Student Awards

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CFPC Reg. L Perkin Family Physician Award

To nominate a family physician, please complete a nomination package or fill out the e-form here and submit it by May 1, 2017.

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My Family Doctor Award

The My Family Doctor Award is a great way to celebrate the doctor-patient relationship, which is central to good health. Your patients can nominate you with a personal story about their family medicine experiences, and each nominating story will be shared with you after the nomination deadline.

How Patients Can Nominate their Family Doctors

Patients are encouraged to share a story about your impact as a doctor on their health or the health of a family member.

Patients can make a nomination using our e-form. Nominations are due by March 31 each year, and awards are given out during the Spring BCCFP Family Medicine Conference. Both doctor and patient involved in the winning submission will receive paid travel to attend the event in Vancouver, and we will notify their local media.

Nominate your family doctor here!

2015 Recipient

The BCCFP is pleased to recognize Dr. Anthon Meyer from Fort St. James as the 2015 My Family Doctor Award recipient. Congratulations Dr. Meyer!

The award nominators, Dorothy and Jim Wasylenko, have shared an inspirational story about Dr. Meyer’s outstanding care:

“Jim believes he would not be alive today if not for Dr. Meyer. Jim first met Dr. Meyer in December 2012. Our northern community had suffered a shortage of physicians, and Jim had not had a regular check-up for some time. At his first appointment, Dr. Meyer immediately put Jim at ease. He welcomed him, thanked him for coming, and conscientiously took Jim’s medical history. He ordered some basic blood work and scheduled a follow-up appointment. He also ordered an ultrasound, which revealed a cancerous tumour on Jim’s left kidney. The kidney was removed but the cancer had metastasised to Jim’s leg below the knee. Since then he has undergone chemo, radiation, amputation, infection, and another surgery to remove a tumour in his bowel.

“We cannot overstate the superb care Jim has received from Dr. Meyer throughout this challenging time. Dr. Meyer is an amazing advocate, setting up specialist appointments, scans, diagnostic tests, and liaising with treatment teams. He fully participates in Jim’s care by explaining treatment and care plans and calling family meetings to discuss all aspects of the treatment with us. Dr. Meyer supports Jim as an individual patient while supporting us as a whole family. He is thorough, detailed, and always communicative about the processes and the procedures involved in Jim’s care. He listens to our concerns and takes our questions seriously. We believe he always goes the extra mile as our family doctor.

“Dr. Meyer is also Dorothy’s doctor and cared for her 94-year-old mother, Mary, while she resided with Jim and Dorothy. Again, he was an advocate for Mary’s needs as an aging woman. This included providing ongoing care and taking the time to lead end-of-life discussions, which helped put us all at ease while making very difficult decisions. He openly talked about care facility options and patiently engaged with our mother, complimenting her on her healthy outlook on life.

“Dorothy also continues to receive valuable care from Dr. Meyer, who encourages her to care for her own health needs. He is conducting thorough base line assessments and making ongoing recommendations to ensure Dorothy’s health is maintained.

“Our experience with Dr. Meyer has given us the feeling that he has a sixth sense, as he often predicts our needs before we discuss them. He is extremely organized, knowledgeable, thorough, detailed, supportive, communicative, professional, calm, grounded, and compassionate. He has an outstanding nature and is exceptionally knowledgeable. All these qualities are present in every aspect of his clinic and hospital practice. We are very grateful for his ongoing care and believe he is very deserving of this award.”

National Awards

In addition the BCCFP Awards of Excellence, the CFPC offers more than 30 honours, awards, grants, and scholarships each year. A comprehensive list of awards can be found on the CFPC website.