Up-to-date Prescription Information

The Therapeutics Education Collaboration was established to provide family physicians with evidence-based, practical information about prescription drug therapy. The Collaboration’s website contains a series of interesting pod casts exploring issues in prescription medication, and quick summaries of each episode’s conclusion.

Speak with a Specialist in Minutes

Rapid Access to Consultative Expertise Care (RACE) helps you care for your patients’ specific health concerns by giving you direct phone access to any specialist. All specialists can be reached through the same telephone number, and usually take just a few minutes to get to the phone.

Number: 604.696.2131 or toll-free 1.877.696.2131

Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm

Billing Code: 14018 for an immediate general practice telephone conference with a specialist.

Rate: $40.00

CPFC-Endorsed Clinical Resources

To provide a central resource of reliable information, the CFPC has endorsed these clinical practice tools, forms, and checklists. They make up a comprehensive package of resources that will help you refresh or better understand specific skills within family medicine.

You can also search our database of articles, policy statements, and other documents by keyword. Simply visit our Resources for Health Professionals page.

Clinical Practice Guidelines

BC’s clinical practice guidelines can be found on the Government of BC website.

You can also access the clinical practice guidelines databases for all of Canada, the US, and the United Kingdom.

We have compiled a list of Canadian medical associations and organizations that provide full practice guidelines for their specialties:

British Columbia:


Patient Education

As patients turn to the Internet more frequently to help manage their own health, you can help ensure that the information they access is reliable. Share these videos and online tools with your patients to help them achieve their health goals. Resources include descriptive videos about alcohol misuse, patient networking websites, specific health agency sites for patients struggling with disease, and many others.

Quality Book of Tools

The Quality Book of Tools is a resource to help you hone and test your skills as a family doctor. You can assess your professionalism and helpfulness through an evaluation system made up of eight categories: patient-centeredness, equity, timeliness and accessibility, safety, effectiveness of clinical practice, efficiency, integration and continuity, and appropriate practice resources.

Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA)

Should you encounter medico-legal issues at any point in your practice, the CMPA is ready to provide advice and assistance in managing your case. Through the CMPA, you can also access resources for managing risk and practicing safer medical care.


To help you stay up-to-date on BCCFP conference and event topics from around the province, we’ve posted a number of videos from past events. Videos include new and interesting presentations from the highly acclaimed Family Medicine Conference, roadshows and more.

Sign in to your members’ site or, if you are not a BCCFP member, sign up to view our videos online.


These apps, though not all free to download, will give you instant, portable access to many of your most-used resources in a format that is interactive and easy-to-read on your phone. They are particularly useful for emergency situations.

Download apps for: