Thank you to everyone who nominated a family doctor for our 2017 My Family Doctor Award. Nominations are now closed, and the recipient’s name will be announced in early June. If you would like to nominate your family physician for next year’s award, please use our online form.


2016 Recipient – Dr. David Attwell

Patient Ms. Louise Schmidt describes Victoria family physician Dr. David Attwell as the “the kind of doctor one wishes could be cloned.”

In nominating Dr. Attwell for the My Family Doctor award, she recalled the respect that he had shown for her elderly mother, his caring attitude and his way of taking the time to listen and answer questions.

“It is not just what Dr. Attwell does for his patients and how it makes them feel that is worthy of mention. It is also what having a doctor like Dr. Attwell means for my future… with Dr. Attwell as my doctor, I already know, from our 20 plus years together and the way he looked after my mother, that my concerns will be addressed, my stress will be lessened because I will have a competent medical ally that I trust, and the care will be outstanding.”