Congratulations to Prince George family physician, Dr. Cecilia Siegling, the recipient of the BCCFP’s 2017 My Family Doctor Award. This award is designed to provide patients with the opportunity to recognize and honour their family doctors. If you would like to nominate your family doctor for next year’s award, please use our online form.

 2017 Recipient – Dr. Cecilia Siegling

Dr. Cecilia Siegling looked after Laura Parmar’s husband through cancer treatment and hospice care. To honour the exceptional care that Dr. Siegling provided for Mike Parmar before he passed away, as well as the support that she provided for whole family, Ms. Parmar nominated her for the My Family Doctor Award.

“Throughout his journey, Dr. Siegling was our most trusted resource and the most compassionate support our family could have imagined,” Ms. Parmar says in her nomination. “No matter how overwhelming and scary cancer became, we always knew that we could come home to our family doctor to help us sort things out.”

“Dr. Siegling’s kindness and caring always made me feel safe and supported talking to her about my fears and anxieties. I was never rushed and always left with tools and resources to make things easier. Our homecare and hospice nurses told us how lucky we were to have her as our family doctor but we already knew that!”