• Dr. Christie Newton - President

    Christie Newton
    Dr. Newton has been a member of the board since 2010.  She works in a community teaching practice at the University of British Columbia, providing care for local residents as well as students, staff and faculty. Her particular area of clinical interest is women’s health, the subject of her fellowship at Queen’s University where she also worked as a clinical instructor and adjunct faculty prior to coming to BC. Dr. Newton still remains active in all areas of teaching, and is also involved in research into collaborative or team based care including the CFCP study into the Patient’s Medical Home.

  • Dr. Jeanette Boyd - Vice President


    Jeanette Boyd
    Dr. Boyd believes strongly in benefits of the physician-patient relationship fostered by Family Medicine and its comprehensive approach to the continuum of care. She joined the BCCFP in 2010 to champion this cause from a rural perspective.  Passionate about ensuring the accessibility of maternity care for women in rural BC, Jeanette also serves as the Lead for the Rural Coordination Centre’s Rural Obstetrics Network. She is a mother of two and feels blessed to live and work in the unique and supportive community of Nelson, BC.

  • Dr. Marjorie Docherty - Treasurer

    Marjorie Docherty
    Dr. Docherty joined the board in 2013 and is a full service family physician, including offering obstetric care to her patients. She is passionate about teaching, and is a UBC clinical professor and part of the faculty for the Rural Family Practice Program in Kelowna. Her particular areas of interest are physician health, behavioural medicine, professionalism and ethics. She has recently completed a term as president of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC.

  • Dr. Sandy Barlow

    Sandra Barlow

    Dr. Sandy Barlow works primarily in community-based family practice clinics in Nanoose Bay. Now in her fifth year of practice, Dr. Barlow has a special interest in addictions and adolescence medicine. She is a clinical instructor with the UBC Family Practice program and a board member of the Nanaimo Division of Family Practice, where she is a co-physician lead for the recruitment and retention and mental health/substance use working groups. In addition, Dr. Barlow has contributed to the development of a school-based wellness clinic based in Nanaimo. A BCCFP Board member since 2013, she has served as co-chair of the Membership Committee and the BC representative to the CFPC Membership Advisory Committee.

  • Dr. Rupi Brar

    Dr. Rupinder Brar practices in Vancouver, providing addictions medicine on the Downtown Eastside and practicing family medicine at a general clinic. After graduating from residency, she initially moved to Toronto, gaining experience in working with inner city and refugee populations. She enjoys teaching residents and medical students. Dr. Brar strongly believes that good primary care is the key to an efficient and equitable health care system. She brings the perspective of a new graduate to the BCCFP Board, and she looks forward to having the opportunity to work toward the goal of improving primary care in BC.

  • Dr. Brenda Huff

    Dr. Brenda Huff has more than 15 years’ experience in rural family medicine practice, and currently has a family practice in Stewart. She is a clinical instructor in the UBC Faculty of Medicine and a board member of the Pacific Northwest Division of Family Practice. As a member of the CPD core group for the Rural Coordination Centre of BC, she has collaborated in developing and implementing continuing education opportunities for BC family physicians. New to the BCCFP Board in 2016, she looks forward to sharing her knowledge and experience in rural medicine, continuing medical education and administration.

  • Dr. Charuka Maheswaran

    Dr. Charuka Maheswaran-Moeller worked in several countries and health systems before settling in the Comox Valley. She has diplomas in family planning and tropical medicine, as well as obstetrics and gynaecology. Her interests include indigenous health and women’s health. She believes in patient advocacy and physician resilience, and brings the perspective of an International Medical Graduate to the BCCFP Board. Dr. Maheswaran-Moeller was a founding chair of the Rural and Remote Division of Family Practice. She is currently a member of the Council of Health Promotion (Doctors of BC) and Environmental Health Subcommittee (Doctors of BC); co-chair of her local GPSC Shared Care Steering Committee; co-chair of Physician’s Health Program of BC; and a board member for the Comox Valley Division of Family Practice.

  • Dr. David May


    Dr. David May has been a family physician in rural BC for more than 20 years. He is a director of the Powell River Division of Family Practice and the clinical lead in the Shared Care Committee of the Powell River palliative care initiative. He also serves on the Doctors of BC geriatrics and palliative care committees, and represents physicians on the local nurse practitioner integration working group. During two decades of practice, Dr. May has learned the value of a cooperative approach to getting results. He joined the BCCFP Board in 2016, and hopes to be able to develop further cooperation between doctors, other health care providers, the public and government.

  • Dr. Ryan McCallum


    Dr. Ryan McCallum served as a pilot in the Royal Canadian Air Force before completing his medical training in 2010. He is currently a family physician in the Comox Valley, working as chief of staff at the Canadian Armed Forces base in Comox. Prior to his arrival in BC, he practiced in both Alberta and Nova Scotia. Dr. McCallum has experience in collaborative team care with nurse practitioners, physician assistants and mental health teams. He has a passion for re-allocation of provincial efforts into robust primary care for improved clinical outcomes as well as enhanced professional satisfaction for physicians.

  • Dr. Anthon Meyer


    Dr. Anthon Meyer practices in Fort St. James. During his career, he has focused on impacting local, regional and multi-provincial health service delivery. This has included developing stakeholder relations with government, health authority, professional and academic organizations in BC, as well as with First Nations across Canada. He has a special interest in innovation through the redirection of existing capital funds in restructuring health care models.

  • Dr. Lilah Rossi

    Dr. Lilah Rossi is an urban family physician working in Vancouver. Since 1998, she has provided a full-service practice, including obstetrics. She is also involved in teaching residents and medical students in her own office, at the UBC Family Practice Clinic and BC Women’s Hospital. Dr. Rossi sits on the Family Practice Executive Committee at BC Women’s, contributing to discussions about the needs of the department and advocating for members. She has also served on the board of the Vancouver Division of Family Practice and as the Doctors of BC representative on the UBC Faculty of Medicine admissions committee.  Joining the BCCFP Board in 2016, she looks forward to advocating for frontline family physicians.

  • Dr. Christine Singh

    Dr. Christine Singh is a community family physician with more than 10 years’ experience. Her practice has been primarily focused on Vancouver’s inner city. Dr. Singh has experience working with marginalized populations, including aboriginal people, high-risk youth and patients with concurrent disorders. She enjoys working within an interdisciplinary team, and has frequent contact with learners. Dr. Singh also has a special interest in the wellness of physicians and learners, and actively engages in measures to promote resilience, interconnection and thriving.  New to the BCCFP Board in 2016, Dr. Singh brings communication skills and perspective gained from her career experience.

  • Dr. Nardia Strydom

    Dr. Nardia Strydom has been a full-service family physician in BC for 25 years, joining the BCCFP Board in 2016. As head of Providence Health Care’s Department of Family & Community Medicine, she has gained experience and knowledge of working with health authorities and family practice residency programs. She has a special interest in quality improvement, and how this can be integrated into the practices of family physicians. Professionally and personally, she values optimism, relationships and excellence. During this time of change for family medicine, Dr. Strydom is excited about the possibilities for improving the system for health care providers and patients.